Casting a TV Commercial in Los Angeles looking for Unicyclists

Hi there.

My name is Kellyanne and I am casting a TV commercial in Los Angeles for Cisco. This is a non-union paying gig.

I am looking for unicyclists, specifically girls 7-15 years old who can unicycle.

If you or someone you know fits that spec, please contact me via email or phone. Auditions will be held Wed 3/30/10 in Los Angeles. This is a timely matter.

My email is:
323-692-1800 ext 121

I look forward to hearing from you.

Casting Associate
323-692-1800 ext 121

Ages 7-15–so close! I guess being 50 disqualifies me.

In addition…

We are willing to see young boys who unicycle as well, age 7-15 years old.

haha, yes, 50 is a bit out of my age range spec, but if it changes, you are the first I will contact :slight_smile:

Do you want someone who can ride a unicycle forward, or someone who can do tricks with it (e.g. ride backwards, wheel walk, ride one-footed, do unispins, jump up and down stairs)? A lot of people can ride forward. If you want a higher skill level you may want to suggest what type of skills would be useful.


(Yes I am too old and not the correct gender.)

Hi Kellyann. (Terry here) It was nice talking with you, and Adam should be contacting you shortly.

what do they need to be able to do?

No real big tricks, they will just have to zig zag across the floor:)

I’m 17 and live close by. I don’t know if that’s too far out of your age range, and I’m a guy. I also know a 15 year-old who can ride, but he’s 6’ 8" so he doesn’t look 15.

Wow, auditions were today?

I also don’t fit your description, but I emailed you anyway :slight_smile:

Usually in these types of audition, it’s all about how the rider looks, and almost nothing to do with riding abilities/skills. If you look like you’re in the age range, you’re probably good to audition. If you don’t, they might invite you down (it’s not their time being wasted) but they probably won’t use you.

The “choice” jobs for unicyclists are the ones where they want top unicyclists, not somebody who looks a certain way. Not that these necessarily pay better. Sometimes the straight “character actor on a unicycle” jobs can pay very well.

Often the information available about an audition from an agent is sketchy at best. I stopped going to them when I lived in NY because I would always kill a day from work to find out I wasn’t remotely what they were looking for.

Sorry about that John. Sadly, some times looks are important.