Casper van Tielraden - 2011

My video from 2011.
I’m pretty happy with the result, but I really wanted to do some more handrails but I couldn’t because it was rainy very rainy the pas few weeks.
I hope you enjoy it and please drop a comment.:wink:

You’re insane! It’s cool to see you riding some street and the fifthside and 720 side were crazy!

Thanks Dann! (is your name with one or two "N’s?)

Just one.

I can tell your going to be another one of the amazing street riders! 2:17 mark suprised me :smiley:

Haha, thank you.

sick video!!!
Fifthside and 720 side Ö? I didn’t even know you could fifthflip xD
you improve so fast… :roll_eyes:

Hahaha, thanks man!

Mighty fine riding Casper.
I like to see your excitement landing those hard tricks)))))))

Thanks Shug!

This is so dope Casper! 7 side and fifthside were sick. Not fair though, you landed half of your 2012 goals in 2011. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also that handrail was awesome, you should film more street!

Oh yeah, I also just noticed that! Lol…
Yeah, But the street spots in my village are sucks. But I wanna tey some more. Thanks.


We wonna see some street from you dude! :smiley: You did that 7 stair flip at EUC Winter 2011 so you should be possible to throw of some really cool street stuff now! :smiley:
I would love to see a street video from you :wink:

Also 7side and 5thside was sick! :smiley:

Thanks Anton!
I gonna start a cool street video right now! I think that It’ll be finished in a few months. I’m also getting to like street a little better than flatland. I just love the feeling of landing big or smal flip tricks down curbs and sets or do a nice handrail. I also hope that it will stop raining now…

ik ga dit niet in het engels zeggen: wat een kut muziek!

nice vid. big tricks :roll_eyes: every thing i’ve said to you yesterday (?)