Casper - 630 Unispin

It’s my first one and it’s sketchy but I’ll work on that!:smiley:
Please leave a comment and enjoy!

maby you can put it in ‘‘today i landed’’ :wink:

wow Casper!!
thats amazing!! you are getting so good :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty funny that you can 720… but you can 630 xD I think it is a lot harder!!!
and you have balls of steel :stuck_out_tongue: really nice that you kept on trying! I think it is pretty scary to land it

:astonished: Casper that’s so sick! Congrats man, thats such a good trick. I bet you’ll get 720 soon as well.

Thanks Tim and Julia!
@Tim: If you just try it onthe gras it isn’t so scary.:wink:

They defenitly are much easier :slight_smile: I can’t even do 450 unispin and I’ve done a few 720 :stuck_out_tongue:

i think it’s gonna be really hard to get consistant with big spin eg: 630s and 720s with this hand position
your hands are too far from each other… try to do the same but with one and in the middle, but let your back hand where it is, with this technique you’ll have much more control of your spin

good job by the way :wink:


Thanks Bob!
I’ll try to get my all of my spins consistent on that way tomorow.
See you at E.U.C.


That’s awesome! Nice work!

@bob: yeah… that hand position isn’t really perfect to have much control :stuck_out_tongue:
@ouk: haha +1, I used to be able to do a 450 in the past xD but when I do it now, I fail super hard, or do a 540 :stuck_out_tongue: and I can do 720 also quite good now :stuck_out_tongue: