Cash uni race in Yonkers!!!

Sat, Sept 8: The first annual unicycle race of Yonkers. 10 am (get there by 9). Specific ocation details to follow.

We’re just working now to finalize plans such as the cash prize fund, but it’s at least $500!

We think the prizes will be divvied something like this:

$100/$50/$25 for top three times, adult
$75/$50/$25/$15/$10 for top five, under 12 years old, male
$75/$50/$25/$15/$10 for top five, under 12 years old, female
Total: $525

There is also a good possibility of additional Grand Prizes of “Dinner for Two” at some gorgeous restaurants nearby – valued at about $250!

The race will probably be about 5 miles for adults, 2 miles for kids 12 and under. With enough interest, we could open other age categories, too.


Without enough interest, there will be a very limited race, or it may be canceled, so please let me know if you’d like to come.

As for wheel size and gears, right now we don’t foresee the need to restrict people to 24" unis, so anything goes as long as it’s on one human-powered wheel!

Again, please get back to me asap if you (or your family member) would like to attend. Also, let me know if you have suggestions about prizes, etc.



How cool! I wish Yonkers were still within driving distance for me (only a few tolls and one toll road).

Then again, I’ll stick with the weather out here. Right now it’s 102, but it’s much nicer in the winter! :slight_smile:

Contacting me…

By the way, you can contact me thru this thread, or via a private message at this site, or send me an email to unicycle dot newpaltz at gmail dot com

What will the entry fee be like?

Probably dependant on the amount of people.

Thanks for asking. I forgot to mention that there is NO ENTRY FEE!

Also, no pre-registration necessary. Just please LMK if you can make it.


Also, a list of likely attendees, as of 8.30.07:

Fiona (11)
Emmett (8)
Daniel (13)
Mickey (13)


The list is growing fast. Please keep me informed if you plan to attend, since this info will help with prize distribution.


Race Update

Update: As of Aug 31, 2007, the race has about 16-20 riders! It should be really cool. It’s easy to get to via mass transit from NYC (or driving – quite close to Manhattan/Bronx).

Entry fee: none.
Registration: none

Length: c. 5 miles for adults, c. 2 miles for kids under 13 (subject to change)
Conditions: No car traffic, little if any pedestrian traffic, flat riding (no hills); half-mile loop near the waterfront pier in Downtown Yonkers

At least $500 in prize fund, with possibly more money and maybe some grand prizes like dinner-for-two at posh restaurant(s)

If interested, PLMK ASAP

unicycle dot newpaltz at gmail dot com

Ping. And here is an update: There will definitely be a grand prize of a dinner for two at a restaurant called Zuppa.

We have a good number of men planning to race as well as a few boys under 15. There are only two or three females planning to attend, all under 12. Prize money is still around $500. No registration or anything – just get there by 9:30 the latest.

David -

There’s an infinitesimal, but non-zero, chance I can make it. Where is the race exactly?

The race starts (and hugs) the downtown Pier area. We’re meeting across from the municipal garage. I’m not familiar with the area, but apparently it should be easy to find. There is a big event going on that day that we’re only a small part of. Call me at the last second if you need to: 646 329 four five four six



MUni Ride Afterwards

After the race in Yonkers, a few of us are going to do some MUni riding at Ramapo Mountain in Oakland, NJ. So be sure to bring your 24x3.0 MUni or similar with you on Saturday. I have a spare MUni if someone wants to borrow one. Meet up time is 2 PM (or later if we are running late). My cell is 201-294 five two four nine if you need more info.

Directions from Yonkers to MUni ride: (40 mins)

  1. Head east on Main St toward RT-9A/US-9/Warburton Ave
  2. Turn right at Riverdale Ave/RT-9A S/US-9 S
  3. Turn left at Prospect St/RT-9A/US-9
  4. Turn right at S Broadway/RT-9A/US-9
  5. Turn left at McLean Ave
  6. Continue on Putnam Ave
  7. Slight right onto the Saw Mill Pkwy S ramp
  8. Turn right at Saw Mill Pkwy S/Saw Mill River Pkwy S
  9. Continue on Henry Hudson Pkwy
  10. Slight left at Mosholu Pkwy S (signs for I-87 S/Deegan Expy/Mosholu Pkwy)
  11. Take the Deegan Expy/I-87 S exit toward Triboro Bridge
  12. Merge onto I-87 S/Major Deegan Expy
  13. Take exit 7N-S to merge onto Cross Bronx Expy/I-95 S/US-1 S toward Trenton
    Continue to follow I-95 S (via George Washington Bridge)
  14. Take exit 72A to merge onto RT-4 W toward Paramus
  15. Slight right to stay on RT-4 W
  16. Continue on RT-208 N (signs for Oakland/RT-208 N)
  17. Merge onto I-287 S
  18. Take exit 57 toward Ringwood
  19. Merge onto Skyline Dr
  20. On Skyline Dr you will see a parking lot on the left side with a sign saying Ramapo Mountain State Forest. DON’T PARK HERE. Instead, continue up Skyline Dr for about a mile. At the top of the hill you will see another parking lot on your left. We will meet here.

Hey, NJmuni, thanks for putting that muni together after the race – should be fun and might add a few racers.

Any idea who’s coming to the race from your end? So far I don’t have too many adult names other than my club members.

How did the race go?

See my write up at – it’s my most recent blog entry. It was fun, and it will probably be even better in the future, if we manage to pull it off again. It was nice to see old friends – kinda like the Unithon, but a much shorter distance, in that respect.

Anyway, we had 20 participants and a lovely, scenic course.

Thank you Dave for the great write up. Sounds like there was fun for all. It’s cool that there was such well funded uni event, and such a large turnout.