Case bearings of KH 20" L

Hi fellow unicyclists!

Recently, I bought a KH 20" long neck. While trying to fix it up, I realised the case bearings didn’t fit perfectly.

It is illustrated by two of the pictures I’ve taken:

I tried applying enormous of strength to drive it up, alas, the situation didn’t improve. Does anyone has a solution to it, or faced similar problems?

There is always a gap - don’t try to do them up to make them touch. You need to tighten them firmly, but not tight, otherwise you will deform the bearing cases and make the wheel stiff to turn.

Your bearing caps look perfectly normal.


Ok, this is a little new to me. My 29" KH bearing handlers fitted perfectly. I shall adjust my 20" bearing handlers now then, it’s too tight. At the same time, I’m slightly worried about the bearing handlers falling off half-way if I loosen it.

All the KH frames I’ve seen have had a gap in the bearing holder - perhaps some of them didn’t though.

You need some thread lock on the bolts to stop them coming loose all the time (they usually have some on them when they’re new, but you might need a bit more). In that way, the old bearing holders with a normal nut and bolt were better than the ones with threaded frames because the nylok nuts stay put.


Ok, perhaps, I have tighten my 29" KH too much. Thank you Rob.

mine fit perfectly on the frame as well, there might be too much powder coat in the bearing housing… but its not to much of a problem as long as the wheel spins freely while the bearing housing is tightish you’ll be sweet…

If your bearing housing on your 29" fit perfectly and the wheel doesn’t feel resticted dont adjust them there fine

So there is no gap between the bearing cap and the frame on your KH? How old is the frame? - I’ve only really looked closely at fairly new KH frames, but all the ones I’ve seen, including mine, have a couple of mm gap. I don’t reckon it’s just the powder coating/paint, although it was a bit thick on mine and had to be scraped a bit before the bearings would fit at all. Perhaps the design was changed at some point to have a bit more gap?

I wonder if Kris could confirm it…

Saying that, my KH29 is running perfectly happily so I don’t think it’s anything to worry about even if it’s not designed that way.


My 29" KH frame is of 09’ rendition. I loosen it a bit last night, and the bearing handlers are still closed.

However, my 20" KH is of 10’ rendition. Clearly, the bearing handlers wouldn’t close at all; perhaps, it is designed in this matter. I feel very uneasy about it, and I would prefer it to be closed.

I emailed Unicycle Korea and Kris about it, but yet to receive a reply. I’ll just wait for now.

my KH 20" long neck frame is a 10’, also all the KH frames I’ve seen the bearings are closed to the frames. try rotating you bearing and put the bearing housing on then other wise is both sides are the same it doesn’t really matter

Mine doesn’t close completly and it’s a '10 frame, my other '05 I had didn’t closed too. I wouldn’t worry if it does or not, just make sure your bearings are tight enough but not too tight.

The idea is for the bearing holders (and frame legs) to have a firm but even grip on the outside of the bearing. Especially with the KH Schlumpf, where this is a requirement for it to function. You do not need the halves to touch, this is normal. If they touch on your 29" and nothing is loose, this should not be a problem.

Lift up the unicycle and give the wheel a slow spin. Does it keep turning after you give it a spin, or does it stop quickly?

It turned for about 8 rounds after I gave it a spin. This should be an indication it is alright?