Cartoon Sightings

Last night while flipping between LEXX & the Simpsons on TV… I saw Ned
Flanders atop a uni and juggling with cheer while the Simpsons looking in to
their house (Miracle on Evergreen Terrace episode number
188). Then today after I got home from work I spotted two more uni’s… Both on
Disney’s Mouse Works. First appeared in “Organ Donors” as Mickey, Donald and
Goofy are escaping an enraged toymaker. Goofy is of course, on a giraffe :slight_smile:
The second was in the short afterwards “Mickey’s Mistake”. I’m sure someone
has seen these before and it’s not that big of a deal but, I’m wondering if
it’s some kind of subliminal message in trying to get me to place my order
for my first uni this week :slight_smile: Hmmm :slight_smile: