cars while you are riding down the street

this kind of goes with my last post but i forgot about it. I was also wondering if when you ride in the main street if people in cars bother you. they bother me somtimes depending on where i am riding.

The trails where I ride my muni have a steady stream of cars in both directions. I enjoy them watching because it can only foster more interest in our sport. :smiley:

that is true

Whenever I go on Chiesa (mildly major road) I always ride into traffic, so I can see it coming, but I love when im riding on the side of the road (not even on the concrete), and people still swerve halfway into the other lane to get away from me (apparently they dont have much faith on a guy on one wheel)

Are you riding on the road into traffic?

If so, that is not a good idea and it’s no wonder car drivers seem to have little faith in your abilities.

It seems to be a tendency unique to unicyclists that they consider it OK to ride into traffic on roads- it’s been brought up several times on this board are the general conclusion is that it’s a very bad idea and highly irresponsible.

Far better to either-

ride on the pavement (sidewalk)


if you’re proficient/confident enough to ride on the road, ride with the traffic just as cars and bikes do.

If i am on a busy street i stick to being on the sidewalk, get some honks and if i notice some good looks too =p and some wthf? type looks too.

If i am riding on a side street, with not much cars, ill ride in the street, if cars come i move more to a side so we can pass eachother without seeing whos frame is tougher

HERE IS A DISCUSSION of riding on the road with cars. I ride in light traffic and for the most have few problems.

  1. It’s a two lane road
  2. It’s never busy at all…I go about 300 feet, normally seeing one car total
  3. There are no sidewalks, and I go offroad when a car approaches
  4. It’s too quiet to hear a car coming from behind me if I ride with the traffic, because it’s only a 40 mile an hour road, and I don’t hear them until they are pretty close to me.
    I don’t take it lightly, and I’m always careufl when riding…

I ride just outside my house. It’s a quiet neighbourhood so if a car does come, I can easily just get out the way. It’s ideal, really.

I don’t mind were I ride just as long as I’m riding, One of these days though I think I might cause a wreck from people rubber necking when I’m on my Coker.

I ride on the sidewalk or on the bicyclepad if there is one.
If not I ride on the road.If you watch out there is no problem.

I ride in dense NYC traffic on a constant basis and love it! I have developed various strategies and techniques for riding in the City.

Some lessons I learned the hard way, such as getting taken out by a cab door that was swung open right in front of me (while I was riding my Coker at a high rate of speed), which caused me to whack my shin pretty bad on the top of the door and then sail for about 15 feet in the “Superman” position. I also had a head-on with a bicyclist in which I flew over his head and landed on the other side of him, but neither myself or the bicyclist got hurt (he turned his handlebars right before impact in order to use his front wheel as a barrier between himself and my unicycle).

The City streets offer many challenges, from potholes and (nearly invisible) sinkholes to pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders, motorcycle/scooter riders, and crazy cabbies (sorry babyivan… you’re the exception) - which demands good scanning skills and precision maneuvering.

City riding is one of my all-time favorite things to do… and one of the main reasons why I would find it so difficult to leave Manhattan.

Hey, the cars help you go fast! Just grab on the back! :roll_eyes:

Seriously though, I dont like it when cars are behind me. Sometimes cars will even slow down and watch before passing and making a comment out of the window.

-Violent Spectators

I usually get positive responses to my unicycling, but this last summer I was out riding along a street and someone drove by at about 30mph and threw a full liter bottle of pop at me. It got me right in the head and knocked me over. Kinda stunned me for a little while. It was kinda funny because all my neighbors were out walking their dogs, etc. and they all ran after the van trying to get the plates. That whole week was bad though. I got hit by the bottle, I fell the hardest I had ever fallen before, and my unicycle got ran over my a SUV(big Suburban) at a busy intersection. Really bad week. But I kept riding everyday.:smiley: