Hey all.
When you guys go unicycling like into town or something how do you carry your unicycle when you go into a shop? I always ride mine everywhere and I just can’t find a nice way to carry it.
Thanks alot

hand between the top of the tyre and frame. hold the frame there

hold where the asterisk is and have seat under armpit.
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use the code tags, like this:


hand goes at the asterisk, tire is the carat (^)… and yeah, this is how I carry the uni too.

If it’s raining and I’m riding the coker, i just turn it upside down and carry it like that so the tire doesn’t hit the ground and make a mess. If i’m not riding my coker then yeah, like everyone else says. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i just hold mine by the saddle and wheel it anywhere, i rarely ever pick it up.

I usually hold the saddle and wheel it around, if I feel the need to carry it, i usually grab one leg of the frame near the top where it is perfectly balanced and carry it around like that. I put it on and angle do the wheel doesn’t jab into my leg.

That works, but it puts some sideways stress on the bearings which isn’t the best thing for them.

the sideways forces on the bearing just by its own weight should be pretty negligable compared to doing big and long sidehops

Hmmm…I guess you’re right:o

Do you know in some movies people carry the unis on their backs? Like in Under No Influence and Into the Thunder Dragon trailers.

How do they do that? Do they take off the pedals or something like that? Or do they make some special strap arrangement?

My friend Dumpweed does that sometimes. As far as I can remember, he puts one pedal over his shoulder, and hooks the frame into the stretchy straps on his camel back/backpack.

I just push mine around…Some times i cradle it like a baby…So yeah.:slight_smile:

In ITD, Kris uses a snowboarding pack to strap his uni to for hiking up mountains.

my friend and i rode 7 miles from my house into town on bicycles and staped our unis to our backs with camalbaks(backpacks). But since we were riding bikes we had to put the seat up and hook the pedals on the bottom of the pack, (not upside down like in those movies). It worked alright.

I usually leap off my unicycle near the door of a shop and leave it just inside the door. I live in a relatively small community and although I have had an expensive unicycle stolen from my house before, I don’t worry about locking up cos most people will not make it very far if they have a go, and if someone was to steal it in public someone else would probably stop them for me. Carrying a lock would suck- extra weight to deter dishonest people. I seldom have trouble leaving my unicycle in shops. At christmas an over-zealous security gaurd deemed it his job to prevent me from taking my unicycle into Pak’n’Save. Whenever I put it down he would take it outside to the bike rack where it was not so close to the checkouts and the public eye. He insisted he was doing his job to keep out skateboards and bikes- I eventually just did my shopping with his promise to watch it- even though he was not there by the time I finished. There aren’t many parts on a uni- surely you can find something to grab- just watch your fingers don’t get caught between the spokes and the frame!

I have an old skateboard bag thats meant to let you strap a skateboard onto it, I just toss it in the Deck straps.

just ride it in the store! am i the only one to have done that?
or stick it with a friendly looking cashier until u r done your shopping.

As a ski bum I got used to carrying a pair of skis up mtns for hours at a time. While some folks strapped them on their packs, I found it easiest just to lay them over one shoulder, tips forward, with the bindings and most of the weight behind me. Then I’d just rest my hand over the tips, just sort of counter balancing them.

I carry my uni the same way, with the seat in front of me, the seatpost/frame on my shoulder, and the wheel in back. Of course, I always try my hardest to ride up whatever hills I have to climb, but if I fail to ride it, that’s what I do…

Edit: Doh! Sorry, this is NOT how I carry it in a store, but how I carry it over un-muniable terrain. Maybe I should read the first post more carefully.

I throw it through the window.