carrying stuff

This may seem like a silly question, but what is the best way to carry stuff eg mobile phone when yr unicycling. I’ve previously adopted the ‘leave it all in the car’ approach but since I’ve just had it all nicked from the car, I’m trying to find alternatives.
There’s always the keep it in your pocket approach but I still fall off now and again - crunch.
Any ideas?

I was sorry to hear of your loss recently, but if it were me, I’d try to leave it all at home and enjoy being without it while unicylcing.

Failing that, I guess a very small backpack is less likely to land under you when you fall. Shame you can’t get unicycle panniers!

I think leaving it behind is quite a good idea. I feel kind of liberated without it at the moment. I’m always just a little bit worried about uni’ing on my own, falling off, breaking my leg & not being able to get help.
Mmm, perhaps I could stick to places where there are people, not so likely to get my car broken into then either.

Many unicyclists use a small rucksack.

I always take one as it holds stuff that’s really useful on rides such as- bike pump, puncture repair kit, basic tools, drinking water etc.


You can use a large backpack to carry the kayak, and strap the paddles and the 12x12 reflector to the back. Then you can get a mountain bike seatpost rack and a rack trunk to carry the (folding) 2-gallon pail, sleeping bag, toothbrush, and teddy bear.

Or was that not what you’re asking?

I carry the mobile on a lanyard around my neck, that way I can answer it before voice mail kicks in, without dismounting, although when my wife called tonight I fell off in the deep mud after a few seconds of talking. Virtually nobody knows my number so I don’t normally get interrupted when riding.

Other things go in a small biking rucksack with reflective strips. Depending on when / where I am riding it will include first aid kit, platypus (drink system), basic tools & a whistle if I am doing night off-road rides.


i often wear a camelback which hold water, pump, wallet, cellphone, some tools, etf. if i don’t wear that i just use pockets. then again unless i’m going for a long distance ride i wear jean shorts or cargo shorts or something liek that. also biek jerseys have pockets on the back of them, try one of those if a backpack might be too big.

I carry a fanny pack, but I wear it in front so if I fall and roll I don’t damage the cell phone. I used to wear it in back, but after breaking my cell phone display twice, I switched to the front.

The fanny pack holds wallet and keys, cell phone, 2 open-end wrenches, one adjustable wrench, an allen wrench set, a pen and a piece of paper for writing down any potential or actual unicyclists that I meet.

Mobile phone stollen or mobile phone broken in a fall are both a positive result :wink:

Last time on top of Snowdon summit the sound of phones ringing and messages being received was really p155ing me off, as if there weren’t enough people up there to talk to already !!!

Having said that, I sometimes carry a phone with me in a small backpack, with some tools, repair patches, water, snacks, map & compass and maybe sunblock and extra clothing, but I prefer to leave the moby switched off.

I am yet to try a multi-day, unsupported, camping uni-tour, but I’m keen to give it a go - probably with a bivy bag rather than a tent.


For small loads (small bottle of water, mobile, wallet, etc) and short distances I use a waist pack.

Otherwise its a cycling style rucsack from Edinburgh Bicycle ( Thier own brand rucsacks are good value for money and feature padded shoulder straps, refective trim, rain cover, space for a water bladder thingy and the all important waist strap to stop the bag moving about. Oh, and has that system that keeps most of the bag away from the body via a mesh system to prevent a sweaty back.

For small stuff I use an under the seat storage pack measuring about 5" long x 3 1/2" wide x 4" deep. In this I can keep a cell phone, tire levers, tire patch kit, seat/bearing wrench and a CO2 tire pump. You can get different sizes of these small seat packs from your local bike shop. I have one of these on each uni and they fit perfectly and do not get in the way (unless you grab your seat from the back side and not from the handle or front of the seat)

For going on a days outing I also use a camelback knowckoff pack. That can hold spare clothes, drinks and food.

Funnily enough, we were talking at hockey about going bivvying in the peaks . I’d be up for a muni + bivvy + more muni, probably in May, as April is a bit busy for me. I’ve got a bivvi bag.

I’ve also got a funny survival pack , which is a shiny bag, which is just warm enough to sleep in in shelter, smaller than a sleeping bag and weighs significantly less then either a sleeping bag or a bivvi bag and is waterproof. It’s not as nice as a proper bivvi bag and makes annoying crackling noises if you roll around a lot, but it means you don’t have to lug around the other stuff. I’ve yet to try it in proper northernshire though.

If it does get organised, it should be called the ‘British Unicycle Bivvi Bag Adventure’ because that’s just such a good name for an event where you go out into the wilderness with your unicycle.


On the trail I always bring:

  • Camelbak (Mule, with storage space)

  • Butt-bag/Bum-bag/Waist-pack (don’t say fanny to the folks in the UK)

I wear the butt-bag in back. So far I’ve only broken my camera once, and that was way back at the first MUni Weekend (Roger Davies still has the damn picture on a web site somewhere). I don’t usually fall on my backside, though it can happen. And now I have a better camera.

I don’t recommend an under-seat bag for a phone, because drops can really slam whatever’s in there.

When I ride to work, I just have the butt-bag. Water’s in a water bottle attached to my seat thingie.