Carrying muni on mtb

I am looking for a way to attach my muni to the mtb so I can bike around in the woods scouting for nice muni trails. Any ideas?


Sorry. Being serious. the only way i have ever managed to carry a Uni whilst using a bike was to sort of lay it across the handle bars with the wheel/spokes in one hand and the seat/seatpost in the other. It is rather Awkward.

:smiley: You could do this as i do it on occasion but instead of wine it can be your MUni. :smiley:

Why choose? The trailer looks big enough for both wine and muni.

I already have a trailer (Bob Yak) but it is no good on narrow single tracks with mud and roots. I would prefer to attach the muni to the bike. Just laying it across the handle bars does not seem to be a good option.

1) oh yeah, it also depends on the type of tyres used on the trailer as well.
2) I know there is a thread on this but i can’t seem to find it. :thinking:
3) I wouldn’t do that either as it is also a dangerous place to have it.

When I used to ride with my 20" a lot to play hockey I made up a special seat post for my bike that had a post the same diameter as the uni seat post sticking out the back. I took off the saddle, clamped the uni to the bike seatpost on the extra post and held it in place with the uni seat clamp. I either put the saddle in my bag or bungeed to the top tube. You might want a chunky seatpost if your muni is heavy. If you aren’t handy with a welder you could probably get the same effect by strapping a bit of tube to your bike top tube protruding out the back. That probably isn’t very clear and I can’t find any pictures.

No no, it is quite clear to me! My worry is that the weight of the muni (a KH24) plus the leverage could easily brake the seat post. Especially when riding on uneven ground.

i often ride a bike with a KH 24 strapped to my rucksack, it’s very effective

Ever seen the Ben Turley movie, “Under No Influence?” Google it in google vid if you havent it’s good. Anyways one of the unicyclist straps his uni to his backpack like Kington suggested, I think this would be the best solution.

Are the woods so big that you can’t ride your Muni around them? :thinking:

can anyone give me a link to a good back pack that will hold a 20" uni because im looking into getting one. thanks.

Yes. I want to connect the best parts from different trails and doing so with the muni would take a long time. Besides, I would have to ride gravel roads and that is just plain boring on a 24".

I strap my uni to a backpack.

The Dakine Helipack is a snowboarding rucksack with loads of straps, which is ideal for carrying a uni. I believe Kington99 uses one, I use one, one of my local uni buddies uses one. There’s also a larger version called the Helipack pro.

This is quite a good solution, but it does make things a bit heavy on my shoulders so I don’t particularly like doing it except when really necessary.

use a crapey fram pack and remove the bag from it get some bungees and cord

geared hub anyone?

I like Nick’s idea - very neat. I’m sure it could be made strong enough (with a bit of bracing) to carry a muni even on rough trails. Having a unicycle strapped to your back sounds like an invitation for nasty injuries if you should fall off the bike.


EDIT: One problem that comes to mind is that when you get to the end of the “boring bit” and want to ride the muni, what do you do with the bike? Carry it on your back? Or do you always have to ride back to where you left the bike? Will it still be there?

I discovered, quite by accident, that if you butt the top of the seat up to your bike seatpost, then lay the wheel of the unicycle down over your handlebars, it works quite well. And has an added fun factor of having a huge “steering wheel” to steer your bike. Depending on how your bike is set up (One bike I have is great, the other hardly works at all) you can ride almost the same with the unicycle there as you can without it.

Are there any good trailers for off road? My roblem has been that good trails are miles away with no good parking, or several miles from the road, but very boring rides… A bike is fast enough to make cycling the whole way practical, and fast enough to make 4 or 5 miles of dirt road practical… Perhaps a converted kids trailer? Bonus marks if it can still be used for kids after :wink:

Probably the best thing you can have for carrying whatever you want on a bike off-road is an xtracycle conversion kit, the problem with them is that it sort of becomes a permanent addition to your bike.

I Xtracyclized my bike and use it for getting groceries and whenever I need to haul stuff but don’t want to drive.