carry uni on back?

Hey in like 2 weeks im heading out to moab for spring break, and we will be biking at slick rock(its going to be me and some freinds) and im the only one who Unis, and so to be able to keep up with them i have to ride my bike, but i really want to bring my uni is there an easy way to carry it on my back?

Thanks for your help


There’s been a thread about this before. If anyone wants to dig it up, be my guess.

I’m in the process of making my own bag. Some backpacks have a set up to carry skateboards. I hear those might work.

Kris Holm and Nathan Hoover carried them with backpacks on Unizaba(I think). Try asking one of them.
My theory is that they used those backpacks with a place to put skateboards, and put their uni’s in it. I don’t know how well it would work, though.

Actually its the “In to the Thunder Dragon” trailer where you can see a clip of them hiking with munis on their back. I too would be curious to know how this is done, as I would like to be able to bike places with my uni. Hopefully Kris can shed some light on this subject…

I found this thread, but it wasnt much help to me

-Logan this i think is pretty good.

thanks guys, that is exactly what i was lookin for…plus i have been looking for a new snowboarding pack so its like a 2 in one thing for me:D

I thought this might be a good point for this pic:

nathan and kris carry their unicycles on their packs unizaba aswell, i believe, could be wrong, not that it really matters

and also in Under No Influence this method can be seen

I found that the best way to do this is put it on a skateboard backpack in the loops it works great!

Why are they hiking??? Looks like a great trail to ride…

That was the trip up (and down) Snowdon at BMW4. It was a fantastic trail to ride to ride down but a bit too far and too steep to ride up. There were a few bits that were rideable up but they were too few and far between to be worth doing. It was knackering enough walking up. I think roger rode up a fair bit but he doesn’t count :smiley:

USE SOME DUCT TAPE! cmon guys! even if yeah arnt canadian! its tough stuff!!!

yea duct tape…i never thought of that…i use the stuff for practically everything:D …actually it wouldnt work…but nice try;)