Carrabassett Valley Academy

Does anyone here go to Carrabassett Valley Academy (CVA) in Maine or know of anybody who does? I was riding at Sugarloaf in the anti-gravity center and someone mentioned that a couple kids from CVA muni. Anyone know anything about it?


To infinity and beyond!

There are 8 unicyclists registered in Maine on the unicyclist roster.

Whoa, the Maine page is messed up. None of those listings are for Maine! They’re all located in Canada (even Jimmy Joe Bob).

I saw that but not knowing Maine very well, didn’t know that there wasn’t a province/area/region called Canada around there.
I figured I’d link and let someone from Maine figure it out.

Good call…I grew up in Maine, but Winnipeg is definately in Canada (Manitoba). I see Gilby listed as the webmaster, so maybe he can correct the problem.

To sugarloafur, sorry, but before I left last year I hadn’t heard of anyone riding near CVA.

bump again!

Well, kyle, I guess bumping it worked, at least kind of…
Maybe kaycee & co. know of somebody?
we’ll try again.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure why that Maine page shows up as places in Canada, but I’ll add myself once it shows things correctly.