Carolina Century 10/19/2013

A friend organizes this small-ish charity bike event in the Greensboro, NC (US) area. I’m nowhere near ready to ride it on a unicycle myself, but when I mentioned it to him he said that he would welcome unicyclists who wanted to take part. There’s no “unicyclist” checkbox on the entry form but he said just to check “cyclist,” one or two wheels was ok with him.

The event benefits Multiple Sclerosis patients and research, and distances offered are 21, 31, 51, 64, 72, 82, and 102 miles with several options for switching from one to another depending on how your day is going. My friend does 102 miles himself on inline speedskates at an average of not much more than 10 mph. He designed the event to provide 10 hours of support because of this, for other skaters and first-time cycling centurians who might worry about not completing another century event in time. Rest stops are friendly, frequent, and well stocked. It’s pretty cheap too.

I apologize for posting this so close to the event date. There were worries about road construction along the course and a real possibility for a while of having to call it all off, but a minor change in the route was all that was needed in the end. That said, a lot of entrants seem to like to wait until very late to register. That could be because the weather, which can be quite variable this time of year but when it’s good it’s very good. Snow is very unlikely this early. Cold rain can happen.

This is the foothills of the Appalachian mountains so there are some significant hills along the way. It’s not a Tour de France mountain stage but it isn’t flat either, so riders need to be comfortable with that. The route was chosen so that most of the roads are lightly used but they’re open to motorized traffic during the event and there are places where riders might need to co-mingle with cars now and then. Helmets are required.