Carnival ride

Haven’t posted in absolutely ages, I guess partly because I haven’t been riding much lately.

However - today I took “old creaky” (my trusty old 20" with the broken spokes) out for a spin at the Bishop’s Stortford Carnival. My school had a marching procession and one teacher dressed as a squirrel (our logo) and I thought we might get noticed a little more if the headteacher was in a suit on a uni…

The good news was that it didn’t rain, but the sun was out all the way, and I now know how sweaty I can get in a suit while riding a uni. In fact the riding was ok when there was enough space in the road, it was the constant idling/hopping that I had to do due to the slow speed of the procession that did for me. I had to keep overtaking other marchers and doubling back.

1 embarrassing UPD but a nice specatator in the crowd took pity on me and picked up the uni for me with a smile.
1 “hope he falls off” comment from an idiot holding his phone up to me from the crowd - I replied, “Not today mate” cheerily, and then gave silent thanks when I actually didn’t fall off.
1 meeting with a fellow unicyclist when we reached the main field at the end and I was wondering how long my shirt would take to dry in the sun. He recognised the Kris Holm seat, mounted, rode and hopped a bit. Nice chap - if you read this, hope you had a good day.

Anyway, in the vernacular of the young folk, I believe we “pwned” the school marching in front who could not produce a unicycling headteacher.

Of course if I hear other headteachers are planning to unicycle I’ll have to get a giraffe…

Sweetness man. I wan’t to unicycle for marching band that would be awesome!

What exactly does UPD stand for. (Excuse my stupidity)

Hey, nice one. Glad to hear you’re still riding. :smiley:

Haha, I like your avatar:D

I always wanted to represent my school on a uni, but our principal is not very interested in students’ skills. (she threw my juggling balls in the trash >.>)

Thanks, Cath. Missed BUC this year due to other commitments. Hope to be back again next year (preferred indoor camping).

Thanks too, Poseidon. UPD is a great unicycling euphemism for falling off, or as my son would say, “stacking it”. It stands for UnPlanned Dismount. Hmm, a marching band - wonder if I could play cymbals while riding…?

I have always used the term UPD and never known what it meant. So, thanks for telling me. Your son’s term is cool too. “Stacking It”… I really like that.

Yes, I saw a dude on on youtube that played saxaphone on his uni. I play trumpet, but I’d be too worried about stacking it and damaging my trumpet.

I love that phrase… Stacking It… Just seems to roll of the tongue.