Carl Roth

Quit bringing unicycling down. You’re everywhere, that’s crazy, but why? It’s a question that seems to ponder even the most brillant of persons. Don’t quit wearing shorts.

wtf? :thinking:


Wait, do you mean Carl Roth from Ottawa?

Either way, wtf mate.

“Im going to become rich and famous when I invent a way to stab someone in the face over the internet”

yea im confused on what you said :thinking:

Ill say it again here. This guy is either on crack, or just stupid.

He’s made only 13 posts in 2 years, all negative and confrontaitional. He has no gallery, and no videos, so consider the source.

^^ wow…considering his history…hes insane

Wow, yeah that’s a bit harsh. Crazy, whatev, probably a bad riding day. But yeah Carl Roth, well a lot of people have said how the forums are cluttered lately. Think about video quality not quantity.

-Shaun Johanneson

see, if noone would respond to anything this guy says, he wouldnt say anything anymore. he’d get bored and leave us all alone

Ok, but who IS carl roth?

Carl Roth… my hero

Well Carl Roth is got to be my favorite rider of all time. I mean the guy does have a massive sidehop. He can even almost ride straight. Well most of the time. I dont see why people like to rip on him so much! I mean… I sure dont get tired of watching videos on that are level 1 stuff. It just makes my day! Anyways, I think that we should all be friends here and love Carl for his pathetic and unwanted uni skills.

-Anthony Steiger

P.S. His sons are great too!

The “Report abuse” icon is calling me!


If we are talking about BOTH the Carl Roths’ from Ottawa, then I am more than confused. I have not been to alot of Uni events before, but MINI OUI rocked this year. Carl and his whole family have been nothing but wonderful for the sport of Uni in Canada. Darren Bedford came out, Jeff Grose, Jason Alleman all came out and rocked, even though the evnt was smaller than normal.
Carl invited us all to come up and muni with him and his family and was a great embassador for the sport as a whole. If he posts a few videos that don’t meet your entertainment level, then don’t bother watching them. CARL IS A CLASS PERSON AND REALLY HAS FUN DOING WHAT HE"S DOING. I wish everyone in uni could enjoy it as much as Carl and his family.

all right so all of you guys who are bashing the Carl Roth i’m thinknig of are smoking some serious rock because he was the nicest guy i’ve met and his family was rediculously nice and very hospitable… if he was this aragent guy you talk abotu you think he would take time out of his life and put on OUI every year for a couple of riders? nah this guy actually enjoy’s uni’n and has fun watching all of the up and comers to. hes a good hearted funny guy who’s never said shit about anyone.