Carbon G36er

Hello, I am planning on getting a carbon rim for my 36er with a schlumpf hub, I have been reading up on rims and inner tubes and hubs on the forum but honestly that has just made me more confused, a lot of talk about different width rims, psi, types of inner tubes and the lot and I didn’t quite understand.

People here seem to have a lot more knowledge on the subject than I do and I would really appreciate some guidance on the matter.

I’m looking for a lightweight 36 inch wheel with a geared hub for faster more efficient ultra long distance road riding with lots of flats and lots of hills. And for it to be disc brake compatible and to fit into my KH36 frame.

What would people recommend in terms of:

Carbon rim - Braus? Unicorn? Other?
Schlumpf hub - hub, Disc brake rotor
Inner tube - Schrader? FOSS?
Tyre - TA Road Tyre Light? Nightrider Lite? King George?
And anything else you can think of

Thank you for this

The Braus rim has 32 holes. If you want it to be compatible with your hub, you’ll probably need a BrakeFast adapter.
The Unicorn rim from Nextie has issue with King George and NightRider tires. They may explode, leading to dangerous falls.
A new rim from LightBicycle is arriving on the market. @mindbalance will be the first one to give it a try. If you are keen to wait a few weeks, he can give a review before you buy the rim.

Inner tube:
The best inner tube so far is the TPU tube from Only 108g! I haven’t yet had a puncture after a year of riding, although I have ridden in some glass.

That’s a very personal thing. I’m on the NightRider Lite side, while others prefer the King George. The later is a bit lighter, but I feel like I can’t turn correctly with it.

If you can set up the hub so that it has an inner rotor, do it! That makes the hub way more better. To do so, either you have to get a BrakeFast adapter or a new version of the Schlumpf hub. Be aware that your current frame may not be compatible and would require to wield a tab for the brake caliper.


Thank you very much, this is helpful

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I have a Braus 36 carbon rim. It is setup on a Mad4One frame. I was using a standard 29" tube. with this tube, the rim, spokes and hub and VeeTire weighted 3275g. with the polici TPU tube I got 3097g (wrong reading on the original message at 3322g, see below). I setup my Schlumpf on a 27.5 rim so can’t help with this. But a little piece of advice, the 180mm disk brake sets the brake caliper too low (on my rim) and it touches the spokes (even with spacers) I had to order a new 203mm disk.

Those numbers seem strange to me. The TPU tube should be lighter than any standard 29" butyl tube. Have you double checked your measurements?

oops you’re right I took the photos below as a reference but I must have made a mistake in labelling. I just took my uni a part to go back to the naked wheel

The TPU is 100g
and the wheel with the TPU is only 100g more :wink:

this photo is hub, spokes, rim, TPU tube and tire

with 29 tube

without tube

I took out the photo I though with TPU tube (if somebody read it in the mean time)

last photo full with Mad4one frame, leather saddle