Carbon Fibre Base KH Freeride

I built this seat up when I was working on a seat mounted handlebar. It’s a Carbon Fibre seat base bought from UDC combined with a KH Fusion Freeride 2008 saddle.

The CF base has had very little use. The KH 2009 saddle then came out with the stiffener plate etc so it made more sense for me to change the handlebar design to suit it.

The seat cover is in VGC and the bumpers are new. A CF based Fusion Freeride seat ready to go.

$100 AU plus postage.



how much for just the carbon fibre seat base? where are you located?

you might aswell just by the whole seat, for around $30 cheaper than a brand new base, this one comes with spare bumpers, foam to mess with, and a cover?

if i hadnt just gotten one i would jump on this offer.

yeah, might just do that :slight_smile:

Hiya, I’m about 90 mins north west of Melbourne, Victoria. I’d prefer not to separate the base and seat, not really worth doing imo.

If this hasn’t been dibbed on I’m keen. I’ll send you an email Pete.

hmmmm could be good for my muni…

Sold, thanks