Carbon Fiber Sucks!

First session on my new carbon fiber base and it snaps. I know carbon fiber doesnt suck im just really dissapointed with mine! I think it was from landing kinda forward on the seat on that double flip attempt.

Maybe it’s because of the camera on the bottom of the seat? What kind of CF seat is that?

That’s not normal, it must have been defective. There are things that can lead to a CF base dying but that’s usually associated with fatigue. If it was new and it broke on your first session you should call wherever you got it.

The riding was good though, flat tricks look pretty awesome from that angle. Your legs going everywhere look really cool :stuck_out_tongue:


The camera was actually attached to my frame haha

And yeah Spencer im gonna call in on monday… The thing is my brother bought it like a year ago and just never even used it. We drilled it last friday then monday was my first session and it snapped. It was from UDC. I just dont know if they will be able to do anything since it was bought a year back.

Wow, I just realized how stupid that sounded hahaha. You should just call UDC, tell your story and see what happens. After that, get an Axel.

Did you have anything between the base and your seat post?? if not that can maybe be the reason… If you ever get a new one (wich I would recommend you!! since they are so much better than plastic) remember to put 2 layers of tupe between the seatpost and the base, then it shouldn’t breake like that :slight_smile:

it broke at the handle though… i basically just ripped the front end off. broke at the back bolts of the handle.

have you drilled the seat by your self?

hahaha thats got me thinking. maybe they dont come pre drilled so that you have to drill it yourself therefore voiding waranty and if it breaks then its all on you. sneaky bastards haha :stuck_out_tongue:


BTW, I think your wheel is out of true.

oh it definitely is! Its bent like an egg but i got another wheelset that im riding now so we are all good :wink: