Carbon fiber seatbase

Ok I’ve broken enough stupid seat bases now, and I’m probably going to switch to a carbon fiber seat base (KH style, for street/trials).

What’s the cheapest/easiest option? Just get it off UDC or is there something better?


back in the day it was cheaper to get CF bases from UDC UK even here in the US. Not sure thats still the case though.

UDC US recently raised their price to $97 so it is definitely cheaper to get it from the UK. Darren has them too but I don’t know how much.

The wallis bases are really nice but more money.

Even though I have 2cf bases already I think I am going to pick up a Wallis or 2 since I heard he will be stopping production sometime. After riding cf everything else seems so bleh. The k1 I am using now without a cf feels so sloppy for tricks. Once you go cf you never go back.

Yeah ucd uk.

Wow thats quite a raise! Werent they like 60 or 70?

They were like 72 when I got my first I think then it was like 80 then 90 I think. I am not all to sure.

are you serious? why?

his bases aren’t the cheapest option, but i would say that they are the best. i really really enjoy mine.