Carbon Fiber Seat

Carbon Fiber seatbase. Has velcro attached, easily removable seat cover. KH foam modified to be flatter. Kinport handle. Great Condition.

Any offers?





does it attach to a KH post ?


Yes it’s drilled for a KH or other standard post. Can be redrilled for other mounts.


Still Available

Check PM’s

I made offer, starting bid? £2 XD

I will offer 80 USD shipped to Canada.

80 USD, shipped to NC.


Seems like a fair offer.

It just made me laugh, thats all.

I need a CF base, but have no money for it right now. This is a great deal too. :o

Still available. I’ll take $115 shipped in USA.

I’m interested but the price seems a little high. I only want the seatbase so paying 115 for the whole seat isn’t worth it for me. Besides I can get a new one from udc for $97.

These seat bases don’t come pre-drilled. It’s not as easy as you think. It takes time to do it right, and time isn’t free.

There are very few Kinport handles in the wild anymore. That alone is worth a premium.

The velcro attachment must’ve taken a bit of handywork, and it’s a great idea. You don’t even care about that?

All this considered, $115 for a ready-to-go custom seat is a steal.

/shakes fist at Emile
//kids these days…
///get off my lawn!!!

I totally agree with you guys. The thing is I only want a seatbase. So while this is an awesome deal, its not the one for me. By the way, I look forward to drilling out my seatbase. I like that kind of stuff.

I found drilling holes in carbon fiber quite easy. It drills much easier than steel, more like drilling wood.

The actual drilling isn’t so bad. The tough part is the tedium of filing the holes to be square to fit carriage bolts.

I made my dad do it ahahaha.