Carbon Fiber seat base

I need a Carbon Fiber seat base. Preferably the KH style. But I’m sure I could get a Miyata to work.
-Riley Crosby
Scott Wallis makes the best CF bases around. He’s pretty busy but he may have some in stock. If not, you’re behind me because I’m waiting for a V-grip handle.:slight_smile:

I absolutely love my Wallis base, it is definitely worth the extra cost over the UDC ones. Even if I quit unicycling and sold all my gear, I’d hold onto the Wallis base in case I ever decided to pick up riding again.

thanks for the link. is it possible for me to just buy a plain seat base “de rail base drilled” without hardware/adapters ect.? would it make it any cheaper?

I would also just like to say how awesome the Wallis DeRail base is.

I just got mine today and I am very happy:)

did you pay 130$?

I got the $170 one