carbon fiber seat base (KH)

I’m looking for a carbon fiber KH seat base drilled for the older style rear bumpers. I heard about a guy named Axel or something that sold pre-drilled cf bases. Does anyone know how to get a hold of him?

I have 1 new pre-drilled seatbase that I’m selling for $90.00AUD, let me know if you’re interested.


Hey, Noli!

I have a Miyata style CF base if you are interested, not drilled though.

So I posted this, then basically abandoned the thread since I got busy.

I found Axel on facebook, and he told me he was out, but to contact Jogi from Triton. Apparently he has the stock of pre-drilled KH-style bases. He was selling them 85 euro shipped.

Sorry Kenny, I already have a Miyata CF base that i went through the hassle of drilling PLUS installing all new rivets. If anyone is ever thinking about this, do yourself a favor and make some other type of seat cover work.