Carbon Fiber Saddle Base

Looking for a CF base (new or used) preferably hex nut inserts but bolts are fine as well.

UDC UK still has Exceed Carbon saddles in stock if you’re just struggling to find something.

Clearly that’s the whole seat, but the cover etc. is removable.

Didn’t know about this one. And I though that the Nimbus Air had hit a price unheard of…

Considering that carbon bases tend to last even the most serious riders decades, the premium that they demand has never seemed too excessive to me.
When the availability of carbon bases was zero, second hand prices for just bases hit more than half that!

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What will you do with the base? What I mean is what foam will you use, cover , etc. Will it for trial, distance, etc. I built a mold and made saddles last winter. I rode them all summer (to test). There still in good shape after quite a bit of riding. Depending on what you are looking for, I could make you one. I’d love to post pictures but can’t figure out how :frowning:!

Here are a few pictures! Don’t mind the dirt please, it’s been used on trails and all sort of surface.


You can either drag them straight into the text box, paste them into the box, or use the file upload button image

Thank you it worked!

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