carbon fiber coker rim, Practical or not?

I’ve seen CF road bike rims out there so I know it’s been done and apparently perform well but not sure how scaling it up from typical 26" road bike rims to 36’er sized rims would affect it. I know it’s not going to really be ‘cost effective’ to make one at all but what are your guys’ opinions on it? Do you think it would work?


Although I’m not much of a cokerer, I would say that this would be a waste of money and wouldn’t give one much of an advantage at all.

Carbon fiber is best, it is just a money thing

There has been great success in motorcycling races with carbon wheels and rims.

The safety concerns and mechanical strains placed on the uni equipment is mild compared to motorcycle race bikes.

Getting the parts made custom is no problem, as these makers are used to small batch orders.

They are used to talking about costs per unit, in 4 or 5 digits $;)

I think that’d be a really rough/stiff ride.

A carbon rim would be great!

I believe someone was working at one time with Calfee on having one made. I think the cost was going to be something like $700 with a minmum order.

…as compared to what, now?

Unless your spokes are loose and you’re running a rubber rim, I don’t see how a CF rim would be much different than the current wheels on the market.

I think it would make for a much lighter and stronger rim. A lot of the best roadbike rims are carbon.

aha, but why not the latest fashion: Ti?

CK 36 rim

I have a spare 36 UDC rim and I am wondering about moulding it to make a CF rim. My concerns are:
Is the shape right?
If I mould an airfoil instead how will the spokes fit and how do I make a double walled rim?

you could make a double wall by laying the main rim, then inserting a shaped foam core and laying the second layer over the top of it. The foam can then be melted out with acetone. I was also thinking about the possibility of moulding a CF rim off a stock one, i think it would take some fairly serous reinforcement aroud the spoke holes to stop the nipples being drawn through, possibly a metallic strip runnign around the inside of the rim.

Making only the rim in CF would not yield much weight loss. Instead mould rim, spokes and hub into one. Then add saddle base and seat post in CF and you have to hold on to the uni so it won’t blow away in the wind.

But the big benefits are only present when using tubulars. Clichers tend to use hybrid solutions or have restrictions on air pressure. Keep in mind though that thats like <7bar, which sucks för roadbikes IMHO, but may not matter for unis.

someone had posted a link here to magnesium rims.

The only problem i’d see, is for it to ne structurally sound, it’d have to weigh a little more, and be a little bigger. CF isnt THAT strong really, you scratch it, it loses it’s strength a lot, it can crack easy. I’d end up seeing your nipples ripping out of the holes.

use mag, or Ti, they’re already made in bike rims, and probably dont cost AS much as CF. It’d still be really cool to even see a mass produced, and sorta cheapish CF rim in production, and selling.

As compared to current rims. CF bike wheels are notably more stiff and less forgiving than regular bike wheels. That is half the reason people like them (the other half being weight.) I think a wheel that stiff on a uni may be uncomfortable, although the steel frame would still absorb much of the road vibration. Also, at first I was thinking this would be a full carbon wheel build, not using regular spokes. Keeping the regular spokes would also offset this, but I don’t see why I’d bother with a $700 rim then.

Carbon is probably the least comfortable ride available, but also the most efficient. It’s just worth noting, that’s all.

Where do you get materials to build in CF?

I just did a quick google search and found this place but I’m sure there are other places to get it.