Carbon fiber base help.

So, today a box showed up at my front door. It was from compulsion cycles. I looked at it and wondered “wow, what could that be?” I opened it up and inside was a carbon fiber base, yippee!

anyway, I have been trying to mark the spots where I will drill the holes, but I can’t seem to get them in the right spot, using the handle as a guide.

also, when the handle is as pressed up as it can be against the seat, there is still more room than there is with the plastic base, is this because the base is thinner?

thank you,

Just make an educated guess and drill the holes there, it will be close enough. It doesnt have to be perfect just close enough.

this tutorial might help.

I think it is sort of funny how you took your seat apart before you had the base :slight_smile:

Neat, I didn’t know municycle had a help file on how to drill and assemble a CF seat base. That is quite helpful. It is a bit unnerving to drill your first CF base cause if you mess up it can be an expensive mistake. But there’s not that much reason to worry. There is actually plenty of fudge room to fix mistakes. If a hole drifts off-center you can move it over when filing the hole square for the carriage bolt.

About the handle having a gap. The CF base does have a longer lip than the plastic base. Fill the gap between the CF base and handle with washers. You should also fit a small fender washer on each nut between the CF base and the seatpost bracket.

do you have a picture of the gap with washers?

Nope. Just fit washers on the bolts till the handle fits without bending and the washers fill the gap.

All my CF saddles are old-school Miyata style. So no pictures of the KH CF goodness from me.

okay thanks!

should I use this Drilling a carbon fiber seatbase. or the tutorial?

Both are pretty much the same procedure. The municycle one has pictures and mine has more text. Combine them.


can someone copy and paste the mdc one in here?

I can’t seem to open pdfs.