carbon fiber/aluminum frame

Wow, what a beautiful thing.


Looks great! Have you weighed it yet?

wow that looks awesome!

Looks good.
Any chance there will be 29" V frames?

Looks amazing! Hope testing goes well for you.

But isn’t it possible to use flat tubes, like on a Kh frame?

I’m sure it would be possible but it would increase the price a lot.

that is so cool! finally someone follows through.

frame looks LEGIT! too bad you aren’t coming to AZMW so i can see it in person.

Cant wait for the final weight.

weight weenie… :wink:

Thats me :smiley:

Will this frame fit an eagle claw tire. And does the frame seem bulky with the round tubes, or is it not noticeable? I’m so friggin pumped to get one. When will they be availible and what’s the price like.

We do want to use oval tubes, and is entirely possible, but too costly to develop right at the moment. It is in future plans though. I need to get a quote on the tubes because they will have to be custom made. A V-frame is also definitely a possibility even if it is a custom 1-off. Get in touch with us if you are serious and we can get some designs drawn up. The test frame is sitting at about 600 grams, and that weight will drop by somewhere around 100 grams when we get the new bearing holder designs finished and cut. We are also planning 24" and 36" frames, as well as a trials frame with the carbon wrapped in Kevlar to prevent chipping. We are also working on making the bearing holders accept a Schlumpf hub. If anyone has anything they would like to see implemented in any of the frames, just let us know. We aren’t quite solid on the price yet, we still need to talk it over.

the kevlar seems like an awesome idea! but how would you drop 500grams off of the frame?

That is what I first thought too.

I’ll be in touch with you guys after I can walk and ride again.
A CF V frame would be sick, and you can even use smaller tubing the nwich saves cash and weight.
But are you guys capable of welding steel or aluminium aswell?

Yes, we have a TIG welder so we can do that. I like to keep the welding as minimal as possible though because it creates a weak point in the metal, and depending on the joint, is much more prone to cracking.

I think a V-frame would be easier to make out of light steel or even aluminium then out of CF.
But I’m not a engineer, so I don’t realy know.

i thought the weld was supposed to actually be stronger then the metal itself if done properly.

the weld creates air pockets in the metal because of the way it bonds the material. brazing does create a stronger bond, but is really only used on steel. the v frame wouldn’t really be too bad to make with carbon. you could have billet aluminum joints and bearing holders. it mostly comes down to price. steel and aluminum would be cheaper, and the carbon would be quite a bit more. it depends on what kind of strength and weight you are looking for.