carbon fiber/aluminum frame

ok Jarin you need to weigh it with bearing cups and bolts.So people can see if its worth while

Hold on, I thought the Black Domina frame was lighter than the Kris Holm longneck!

The Koxx-One website says that it’s 585g. Is the KH longneck really lighter than the Black Domina?

Not when the kh frame has cups and bolts on.

my frame (300mm neck) with Ti bolts is 520 + or minus a few grams. there are still a few spots we are finding that we can shave some weight without loosing strength. so there is another potential 20-40 grams that can come off of it. so for comparison to the KH the 350mm neck for ours is 540 grams (total with bearing holders and all) currently. so i have heard 640 and i have heard 680. so there is atleast 100g off the frame.

Some info about the higher clamp position on the KH longneck:

“This helps prevent the rider from catching clothing and garments on the clamp which can hinder the effect of the street and trials tricks.”

Yes, I also like to do trial tricks :roll_eyes:

we are finally taking orders. call, email or PM me for more information and ordering info for serious buyers.

if you havnt seen the frame yet here it is in action

Has anyone ordered a 36 inch one of these yet?

not yet, but you can be first!

You guys making a CF base or are you just making frames?

in due time. but for now its just frames.

How about brake mounts and Schlumpf compatibility for a 26x3 setup?

How about brake mounts and Schlumpf compatibility for a 26x3 setup?[/QUOTE
it is compatable with any hub as long as the bearing spacing is 100mm. we can do brake mounts as well but they will be a little extra


To be Schlumpf compatible the inside lip of the bearing holders can be no more than 2mm apparently.


the bearing holders are as thin as we can really make them. both sides are about as thick as the thin side on the KH bearing holders. so since his work on schlumpf mine should have no problem whatsoever


That should work fine then. Do you have a price for anodizing the alu parts? I would want them dark grey (graphite?) or black. Also how much for shipping to the UK please.


i got quotes for anodizing today. its about $60 per batch. so if you do 2 frames at once it would be 30 per frame but only 1 is 60 per frame. shipping to UK looks to be $75-100.

Hi just posting to see how the frames are doing and to ask weathere there there will ba a giraffe option. thankyou

frames are doing pretty good. we havnt put much thought into doing a giraffe so probably not. we have the final design done on the frames so they should hold strong.

the normal frames are on sale now, you can order using the contact information on our website. its not finished yet buy we have the contact info up. the website is

Just want to say the frame is completely AMAZING !! and im not just saying that cause im sponsored.Ive been really feeling the effects of the lightness lately,i love it :smiley:

I might go weight weenie on my uni in a few months after I move out and save up enough to start spending on stuff other than staying alive. An EB frame is about one paycheck for me.