carbon fiber/aluminum frame

How much will cost for a long neck? It will be nice to see the final pics!:slight_smile:

any length neck $450. its all custom made to order. things like anodizing the alu parts will cost extra though. im not sure how much for a larger frame. i will have to talk it over and get back to you for anyone interested in a coker or muni frame.

How about the adapters for Maguras, can that be done too?


Ya im sure we can do those fairly easily. i will have them do the design and machine out a couple test pieces. we will probably have to charge a little bit extra for magura mounts but they shouldn’t be too hard. i think i need a coker or borrow someones coker frame to measure the distance up the legs to put the mounts. either that or if someone can measure the distance from the axle to the first hole on the mounts. im not sure how maguras work but im guessing they can be adjusted up or down to fit perfectly. price for a coker frame with magura mounts will probably be between $500 and $550. just because we have to cover the extra material.

its done!!!

Its finally finished! Here’s some pics for you guys. we moved the sides in and the crown down, so it is really slim and out of the way of your knees now. there should be no compatibility issues with any sort of wheel set because we have made the bearing holders so small. there is also plenty of tire clearance now with room for an eagle claw or any other large tire. The final weight is a little higher than we were expecting because we didn’t want to sacrifice any strength, but its still down to 480g, which if i am correct is the lightest 20" frame ever! we are going to be testing this frame for a while. Assuming we do not have any problems with the frames we will begin sales on the 15th of July, so get your money ready. I am now up in salt lake city UT. if anybody is interested in setting up a ride in the area to check it out just send me a PM.

it looks soo sexy man!

i would like to get one at the end of this year! when i have the money

would it be a problem to send it to New Zealand? ill pay for the postage.

if you pay for postage it will be no problem at all. you will have to go ride with mike. he should have a frame at NAUCC. you can try it out.


damn you for tempting me with such an awesome frame. I’m flat broke until after unicon or I’d put down the money on a pre-order right now.

Yes very tempting indeed. The side tubes look a bit flimsy though, has it held up to testing well. The tubes also kind of look like rough unfinished pieces in the picture. I’m tempted but I’m still kind of set on a KH. Other than that it looks sweet and 480 grams is insanely light. Great job!

Theres nothing flimsy about this frame haha. Its as ridged as a rock. This is just my prototype and im expecting to beat the crap out of it so the legs arnt cleaned up all the way on mine. Those pics have a really quick crappy photoshop job on them also. It should have around the same strength as my old prototype and its held up fine through the past couple months, and we are using a stronger epoxy in this one. The glue is still drying but come 10 in the morning i will be out riding it. The frame feels amazing because most of the weight is at the bearing holders so you dont notice that when rotating the frame, which makes it feel even lighter than it is. Once i get my carbon bases made the only weight on my uni will be at the wheelset.

Ill work something out with jarin.I might bring over a bunch of frames so people dont have to pay as much on shipping.Jarin the frame is soooo light !! kh longnecks are 640 grams i think

That would be cool I might get one at the end of the year


Me wants!

very nice, incidentally what size seat post does it take

Just curious, are the 480g with the bottom half of the bearing holders or w/o? Very nice frame I have to say, but pictures from a decent camera would be cool :slight_smile:

No thats more like it :sunglasses:
Looks sweet, to bad my XTP is holding on for so long :wink:
Oh, and you do need a new pair of pants…

3 weeks of testing is a bit short though.
Good to see it so quick on the market, but what when they all fail on there owners?

It looks… TOO NICE!