carbon fiber/aluminum frame

Come on dude, below 500 grams is still an awesome job. As for those know it all engineers, they don’t really know much if their not willing to learn from others. I should keep that in mind since I plan on being an engineer.:stuck_out_tongue: I totally dibs one of these if they can hold up to hardcore use. Can’t wait.:smiley:

The Roger Davies frames were made with pretty thick-walled tubing. Essentially bombproof unless they get hit by some major side impact. But I think you could let it bounce and roll down a rocky mountainside with no ill-effects to the frame.

According to Roger, the problem on mine was all the adhesive getting pushed out because the seal was so tight (also air couldn’t get out, which helped force the adhesive out). After the “break” the frame wasn’t in two pieces, it just had twisted at the joint. The joint was so tight I couldn’t twist it back, so I had to walk out of the trail.

So with a super-tight joint you could have a similar problem. For more detail try contacting Roger Davies (at UK). Or just take your prototype frame to Moab in March and ride it up and down some of the steep stuff! :slight_smile:

ya it is going to be more heavy than i had otherwise thought but that is becouse they refuse to sacrifice any strength for weight. so it should last a long time.
and john the walls on the tubing we are using are really thick as well so if yours can hold up ours will also. and they thought about the glue thing before i could tell them the problem with yours so they gave it a little space for the adhesive to grab.

so have you gotten a whole rideable prototype finished yet?

it has to be shipped from utah to where i live in california so i will get it when i get back from riding in fresno with joe campbell and cody this weekend. then i dont know if we are going to make it out to AZMW its a bit expensive to make it out there. so sorry to anyone who was looking forward to seeing the end product then

hey everyone. this is unicyclerman’s brother. i’ve been doing the design and construction of our carbon/aluminum frame. we’ve finally finished the first prototype. here are a few pictures of the frame:

the design for the bearing holders has changed slightly to reduce weight, but we decided to run these on the test prototype because they were already finished. feel free to ask me any questions concerning the design or technical specs of the frame. i will be shipping the frame to my brother on monday, so he should be able to start testing by the end of next week.

Wow, what a beautiful thing.


Looks great! Have you weighed it yet?

wow that looks awesome!

Looks good.
Any chance there will be 29" V frames?

Looks amazing! Hope testing goes well for you.

But isn’t it possible to use flat tubes, like on a Kh frame?

I’m sure it would be possible but it would increase the price a lot.

that is so cool! finally someone follows through.

frame looks LEGIT! too bad you aren’t coming to AZMW so i can see it in person.

Cant wait for the final weight.

weight weenie… :wink:

Thats me :smiley:

Will this frame fit an eagle claw tire. And does the frame seem bulky with the round tubes, or is it not noticeable? I’m so friggin pumped to get one. When will they be availible and what’s the price like.

We do want to use oval tubes, and is entirely possible, but too costly to develop right at the moment. It is in future plans though. I need to get a quote on the tubes because they will have to be custom made. A V-frame is also definitely a possibility even if it is a custom 1-off. Get in touch with us if you are serious and we can get some designs drawn up. The test frame is sitting at about 600 grams, and that weight will drop by somewhere around 100 grams when we get the new bearing holder designs finished and cut. We are also planning 24" and 36" frames, as well as a trials frame with the carbon wrapped in Kevlar to prevent chipping. We are also working on making the bearing holders accept a Schlumpf hub. If anyone has anything they would like to see implemented in any of the frames, just let us know. We aren’t quite solid on the price yet, we still need to talk it over.

the kevlar seems like an awesome idea! but how would you drop 500grams off of the frame?