Carbon base??

Im going to buy the the carbon base to my seat, but Im just wondering if someone has manage to break it??

someone’s broken everything

I do believe Ryan Atkins has and I’m sure more people have.

At least 3 people over here in Germany have managed to break it.

Nothing will last forever.

Luke C… Most recently(I believe).

Still, CF even if it breaks in a year or two is a better investment than a new seat every month or so. I say this because anyone that can break a CF base with they way they ride will be lucky to get a month out of a plastic base.

who’s broken moment cranks? who’s broken a moment hub(other than flanges)? who’s broken cielenki pedals?

most of all, who’s broken my triple reinforced seat?

i broke a regular seat in about 30 mins of riding.


mmmmm. ok well maybe not everything :roll_eyes:

lol just had to point that out…

i still think its cheaper and better to get a seat reinforced…or put a regular stiffener plate on a CF seat.

putting a stiffener plate on a CF base would be a bad idea. You would not gain any extra stiffness unless the plate was molded into the CF. In fact putting in extra unneeded piece metal onto, or near CF will prolly lead to a weaker base.

CF is stong and light. adding heavy metal that is not as stiff as CF is just silly.

i beleive the reasoning behind doing so (i forgot who it was that did it) was so that the bolts applied pressure directly to the plate, not so much for added strength… and so that the person did not have to worry about the bolts spinning in the CF

So, how is it y’all are breaking seats? I’ve seen Pele break a seat post, but then he breaks everything eventually, including himself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t done anything too extreme yet but it seems you would rather land on the hub/cranks than directly on the seat, right? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

I just broke my cf base yesterday, after about 13 months.

Whats funny. Is when I posted in this thread yesterday, I thought for sure I would break my base when I went out to ride… sorry it had to be you.

DAMN YOU SAM!!! :angry: