Car Storage Suggestions

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how to store your unicycle(s) in the trunk of your car? I generally just lay mine on its side, but I live on bumpy roads and I am interested in something that might secure the whole thing a little bit better. I have a 20" and a 26", and I’m planning on eventually building a 29" wheel. So I think I would need some form of rack that could hold the wheels upright. But it would need to be removable because when I go surfing, I have to be able to put my backseats down and lay my surfboard in the trunk/backseat space.

Any suggestions? Pictures of your set-ups?


Did you see this thread?

You can get floor stands for bikes that will hold one wheel or more. I have some two bike models, and I’ve seen them for three and four. The two bike ones that I have were under $30/peice, and work great for uni’s. For traveling with them in the car you may want to run a bungee to the hub to keep the wheel from bouncing out, but it may not be necessary.

So, all that said, is it really a good idea to “store” your uni’s in your car? At least around here theft out of cars is amongst the highest crime rates.

Oh cool! I didn’t see this one! I like Dane’s idea.

Where I live, my car feels safer than my apartment. My landlords have actually snuck into our place without asking while looking for their cat!

I like the floor racks. I might look into those. They look much more portable than the taller ones. Thanks!

Excellent idea!

Try Googling “PVC bike rack”. Pretty simple to work with.

I dunno… your unis are pretty fancy. Amazon has silk & down pillows for $380 each – just fill your trunk with those and your uni should be fine. :smiley:

Ha, that’s funny! :smiley:

My uni’s ride along side me in the passenger seat (not joking). I have done the hang and bang in the bed of the truck, but I figure I normally have an empty passenger seat anyways, so why not use it.

Haha I’d rather use that money to buy a new part.

Thought about something similiar a while ago (except for the surf board part) but not since i have my 36". The 36" fits perfectly into the trunk when lying on its side. I put a blanke over it and can place the 26" half way on top of it.
My 20" fits easily between driver seatback and rear seat bank.
Everythings secure enough for bumpy roads, no need to fasten anything.



Like a Purple Hope Brake?

WHAAAAAT???!!! How have I never seen these?!?!??

I assume you’ll be getting them because they’re pink?

haha no. I have some nice brakes already. I just haven’t used them yet because I’m not quite ready to install them. I want to be very efficient at braking with my legs before I transition to brakes. Otherwise I’ll just rely on the brakes the entire time.

Consider a budget solution for the rattling unicycles: Old blankets or moving pads. Or new ones; I think you can find some pretty fancy ones on Amazon… :slight_smile:

What are moving pads? I think I like the idea of a rack verses laying them on their sides because I worry that all of the pressure is being put on one crank/pedal, whereas if they are sitting in a rack, the weight is mostly on the tire and bumper.

Well you could always fill your trunk up with packing peanuts. Or buy some bean bags to put your unis on… :smiley:

Thick, tough blankets used by movers.

Your unicycles are not as dainty as you may think; especially the ones with splined axles. The wear & tear that occurs in the car is not of a major injury sort, but is more cosmetic. Most of the cosmetic damage to my unicycles (not including MUnis) happens in the car, when loaded with other unicycles. Hence your original question, I presume.

The problem with racking setups is that they take up a lot of space, and aren’t necessarily flexible to the changes in what you bring on different trips. I usually try to place the wheels more or less vertically, and have learned with much experience how to align multiple unicycles so they will generally stay put, and not scratch each other up. But it depends on the vehicle, and how much you’re cramming in there. If a rack won’t do, layering with blankets will keep your paint and other finishes safe.

You can get mover’s blankets for cheap at Harbor Freight.

And they will even ship orders for only $6.99!