car ran over my uni

A car ran over my unicycle today, crushing the lovely Miyata seat and
popping the tire (or, if you prefer, tyre). No one was hurt.

OK, full disclosure. No one was hurt because I was driving at the time.
The unicycle in question was lying in the garage, and I backed over it. I
had propped the uni on the back of the car bc I didn’t want to put it IN
the car until the wheel had dried off. Then this morning, I forgot about
my brilliant idea. I felt a little bump and heard a crunch and wondered
what I’d driven over.

This could go in a new category for Foss: Things not to do TO a unicycle.

David Stone

PS: Does anyone have the phone number for 1-800 UNICYCLE? If not, just
send me the website address of


You should have kept this to yourself, David. I am going to send U.P.S. (unicycle protective services) over right away.


I hope you got the phone number and email address of the thoughtless driver!


um. Pictures? Does that make me a weirdo?

Pictures, please.

You said a “little bump” so I take it you did not run over the Coker.

If you accidentally run over the rest of your unicycles, I can bring a spare for you to ride on Saturday…

uni57 (Dave)

Odd, I thought I saw David Kaplan driving in your neighborhood about that time trying out his new drivers license. You know, the guy who has been jealous of your unicycles and exploits for so long. David “woops, my mirror must be adjusted incorrectly” Kaplan?

I think the phone number you’re looking for is 1-800-searsdrivingschool.

The website I’m pretty sure is

Thanks for sharing the story. “I’m an idiot” stories are the best ones going. I would share more of mine but Gilby would have to open an entire forum for 'em.

Re: car ran over my uni

I thought about that, but so far I’ve stuck with the one category. I’m sure you’ve already seen this one:

It’s still the featured image on my home page, BTW.

Obvious advice for people who haven’t done the same thing yet:

Never leave unicycles where the car might run over them. This includes not only lying on the floor (or leaning against it of course), but also leaning against the front of the garage or parking area.

Hooks, man! Hang 'em up!

Re: car ran over my uni

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003 09:28:20 -0500, “David Stone” <>

>PS: Does anyone have the phone number for 1-800 UNICYCLE? If not, just
>send me the website address of

Yes but err… what was your name again?

Klaas Bil

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