Car Rack for Cokers - Suggestions?

I’m planning on buying a hitch mount car rack. There are alot of different kinds made for bikes. Does anyone have any brand and model recommendations? I would like to be able to fit 3 cokers on it.

I use a Thule ball mounted rack, but as they’re Scandinavian they may be expensive in Texas.
As long as you the tyre/tire clear of the exhaust/tailpipe, any manufacturer should be fine.
You may get away with buying a 2-bike rack and buy an extra set of rubber fixings for the third Coker, as they’re lighter & narrower than bikes. try before you buy, as it might not work! I can fit 4 unis & a bike on my 4-bike rack.

I built this rack from scratch. Trying to make bike racks work for unis seemed like a lot of bother with all the clamps bungees and the like. with this rack the unis hang by the seat post between two padded parallel bars. There is a latch that closes the end and is secured with a wingnut.
With my Coker I put the rim of the wheel over the bars with the Coker’s frame between the tubes of the rack.
Best thing is that it loads and unloads in just a minute or two.



What kind of car do you have? I fit 13 unicycles in the backseat of my Mazda Protege when I drove to Minneapolis for NAUCC. Two of them were Cokers. I took the pedals off to get that many in but they did fit. I can see two Cokers in the back seat of a subcompact car with pedals on with little difficulty. Three would be a trick but probably easy with the pedals removed. John Childs has a Subaru Legacy hatchback in which I believe we have put three Cokers with the pedals on. (JC, David Maxfield, and me.) I may be wrong and the pedals came off for that trip. Unicycles are surprisingly easy to get into cars.

I picked up this bike rack and this is how I use it for the uni’s


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