Cape Cod Video

IF you have seen my sig… that is a pic from this video… ENJOY!

How old are you?

Why are you getting money out of every ATM you pass?

EDIT: I see that you’ve also “Disabled embedding by request.” - any particular reason?

I am 13, I was just joking around when I went into all of the ATMs, and I don’t really understand what embedding is… I think it is that other websites can’t take my videos… which I don’t want happening.

Looks like unicycling is an expensive hobby! :wink:

Thanks for the cool video.

Who’s credid card did you nick! :astonished:

it is where you can put it on myspace, the exact video not a link and watch it on that website. if another site wants to steal your stuff, not being able to embed won’t stop them.

haha, my dad was filming me and said he would let me borrow 20 bucks whenever he got a shot of me going into an ATM machine… didn’t get to keep the money though…

Sweet, I lived on the cape for five years, still have family there. Mt favorite part was the lady getting her stuff out of the way oin the ledge and you riding around the coffee cup she left there.

If you upload your video to you tube, they could do what they like with it :slight_smile:
You agree to their conditions and if you read them completely you should know that you are out of the things that happen to your video in the future.