CANUC: Canadian Unicycle Convention 2009

The Toronto Unicyclists are pleased to present CANUC (a Canadian Unicycle Convention) open to ALL and to take place over the July 11-12 weekend.

Exact details are still being worked out and will be available shortly, but here is what is planned …

  • 4 days (Friday - Monday) of non stop fun on one wheel held in and around the Guelph, Ontario, Canada area
  • Full array of events including Artistic, Track Racing, Hockey, Basketball, full day of Mountain Unicycling activities (cross-country/downhill/uphill), Distance(42km/10km/Criterium), Trials & Street
  • Social activities taking place over the 4 days

Event website, registration details and schedule to be posted shortly.

Hope to see you come out this summer!

Carl Hoyer
Toronto Unicyclist

Is this open to US residents?

Yes. It’s open to anyone, from anywhere, who wishes to attend.

What/where are the trails for the XC - Downhill/uphill tracks?

I might try to make it.

Hey Carl,

That’s great news!
I’ll do my best to be there with a few other montrealers.


Sounds awesome Carl! I hope that I will be able to make it!

Kevin McMullin

I’ll be there no matter what !

Wish I could be there. Best of luck with the event! Could this eventually turn into a Canadian Nationals?

Thats so awesome to hear! I’m totally going to be there!

It’s a possibility that has been discussed. We will see what the future holds for the organization of unicyclists within Canada.


A friend asked me if there will be competitions (he was asking specifically for Street). In your first post, it was not really clear if all the disciplines you named were just events like a meeting for Muni’ing, or if they were real competitions.

I also wanted to know, I know it is a bit early, but is there a way to get from Toronto to Guelph ? I was planning to come from Montreal to Toronto on bus, but then, I have no idea how to get to Guelph. If I am not mistaking, it’s quite a long way on a 20 inches (somewhere around 100 km ?).

Thank you,

Hi Hugo: Yes! We are planning on running all the listed events as competitions. More details on the format of the Street event will be posted when available.

Yep. It’d be a long 20 inch ride from Toronto to Guelph. It’s about 90km. It might make for a good warm up for the street comp. GO Transit ( has bus service from Toronto to Guelph. As it gets closer to the event I’m sure there will be a bunch of people posting about rides.

Hope to see you there this summer,

I’ve dreamed of the day TOque would be back and I think this is as close as its going to get, same organizer, similar locations. I will hopefully be able to make it!


There is a regular bus service from downtown Toronto to Guelph every hour or so. They even stop right on the University campus, which will be the main venue for the event. The cost varies depending how far ahead you book it, but for a 14-day advanced fare it’s $19.50. It should be cheaper if you’re a student. (I used to pay about $11) If you go to Greyhound’s web page at, you can fill in the relevant information to get the schedule and fares.

And yes, we are planning to have competitions. We are working on the actual format for the street comp.


Coach Canada is having a seat sale for the montreal to Toronto buses, which would explain why it is so cheap.

For 80 bucks you can fly from Montreal to Toronto with Porter.

Then from Greyhound it’s 9 bucks from Toronto to Guelph.

Yeah, I’ve been hearing that one since 1991 or so (Unicon V). :smiley:

I’m submitting my time off today for this!

anyone want to roadtrip from the westcoast?

I DO!!! But sadly I live on the east coast :frowning:

I really wish I could go…it’s sort of on the other side of the continent though…

Why’s Canada so freaking big!!! :angry: :angry: