I am looking for a couple of brakes Cantilever SH XTR in good
If someone had a pair of it to sell me me send a mail!
Among the other things how old it is that don’t do them anymore? I have seen
on the site
Shimano in the section reciprocates that do still a type of Cantilever but
be “branded” (XT, XTR, etc), in the on-line shops however is not found!
is there it has him? As it goes?

Thanks, Fabio


I know nothing about the subject, but thought a guest poster deserved at least one answer. In the words of Eddie Cochran, (and later, Sid Vicious): C’mon Everybody!

AFAIK, Shimano no longer makes canti brakes to go along with their MTB component groups (all lines have been “upgraded” to V & Disk brakes). So if your heart is set on XTR, eBay is probably your only option.

I believe that this is the highest-end Shimano canti currently on the market:<>prd_id=845524441762488&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302034984&ASSORTMENT<>ast_id=1408474395181202&bmUID=1113254742357

Re: Cantilever

Thank you!

Hi, Fabio