Can't stop talking about unicycling?

Do you like talking about unicycling? :slight_smile: Want to tell others about your riding?:smiley:
As the wife and mother of unicyclists I am interested in why people learn to unicycle. I’m looking for young people who are willing to talk to me about their riding. Interested?.. :roll_eyes:

You need to:
• be aged 14 to 19, or to have started unicycling when you were that age and still be in your 20s. :sunglasses:
• have been riding for at least one year and know something about the sport. :thinking:
• have reached Skill Level One or beyond :o

I am particularly interested to talk to anyone who would describe themselves as not very motivated at school or college – you’d rather be out unicycling than in doing homework!! I’d like to hear from anyone whose teachers encouraged them to unicycle or who ride at school, perhaps in an after-school club.

If you’d like to talk to me or want to know more please PM me. I would come over and meet with you to talk about your unicycling, why you wanted to learn, how you felt when you were learning, who you ride with, what different types of unicycling you do, what skills you still want to learn and so on. It would take between one and two hours of your time.

If you are interested in my research generally and want to make a comment please reply to this thread! :astonished:

Im interested.

Ill send a PM later in the day, after I have ate some breakfast. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in your research, please do tell more.

And I answer your criteria, so you could ask me questions, I guess. Come over any time you like(Friday? I’m busy tomorrow).

I’m interested, I’d like to know more about what exactly it is you are doing. I’m 20 but started riding a few years back in high school.

You can come by any time tomorrow after five.

if you intend to meet physically with people you might like to put where you are, atleast roughly. This site has a truely global group of members. I fit in to your criteria reasonably well, but I suspect there’s atleast 3,000 miles of water between us.

I am a 47 year old unicyclist, husband and father. Before you go soliciting personal information about my friends here on these forums, I would appreciate if you provided personal information such as a name, location, and maybe the models of unicycles your husband and children ride as well as the styles they prefer.

And under what auspices are you conducting this research. Can you provide the name of the academic institution or company you are doing this for? The name and contact information of your supervisor so that we can verify that actual research is taking place?

Two posts and you’re inviting yourself over to young people’s houses? And specifically looking for academic underachievers?

This being the internet even if you provided the above information, your request would be suspect. I would strongly advise people here to under no circumstances PM this person or provide any personal information.

BTW Wendy lives in Manchester, UK.

And what is this all about…?

and people tell me unicycling is a strange hobby…

I’m also interested in your research, please tell more about it. I also wonder how you plan to talk to the persons - psychically or over the internet/phone/etc?

People can do that?! :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think(hope) you mean “physically”.:wink:

What? I thought all unicyclists had that ability - how else do you communicate with your unicycle? :thinking:

mutters something about Firefox spell recommendations and me being tired

Your right there, watch out people.

Hey Wendy I fit the criteria kinda well except well im not a under achiever I am a home schooler so I can unicycle whenever i want and have time for school :stuck_out_tongue:

This sounds interesting although rather sketchy, more info would be great.

Finally someone who wants to know more about me! This is so exciting! I have no friends and my parents think I’m shit, so this is a really good opportunity for me to share my feelings with somebody who seems to care. Please come to my house first. I promise I’m the most interesting person here. I’ll tell you everything. Just stop by my house anytime, I’ll even leave a key under the doormat so that you can get in if I’m not home. Just promise that you won’t laugh at my story. I’ve been hurt in the past and I’m really sensitive. And please don’t rape me or my pets if this turns out to be some kind of scam.

Wendy’s post last night was a little rushed and so left out some information about her research.

I can understand your concern, but I can certainly vouch for her, as she is my wife.

Please look at my previous posts for confirmation of my involvement in unicycling. i.e Taking part in Ride the lobster, 100 mile ride, London to Paris, 24 hr races, hockey tournaments, etc, etc.

I know she will be posting more information about her research soon. If anyone fits the criteria she’s outlined, then please think about helping her.


More information on the research project

It’s great to have such enthusiastic responses. :slight_smile: Steve, my husband and regular poster on here has provided the technical info some of you have requested on him by way of veryifying me.

I’m doing the research for my own PhD study at Liverpool Hope University, UK where I work. I have an academic profile on the University’s website if anyone wants to read it,com_comprofiler/task,userProfile/user,73/Itemid,107/. Roger Davies of and Connie Cotter can both confirm who I am and what I’m doing. I have written articles related to my research in the first three editions of the UNI magazine. The research project has ethical clearance from the University. I’m interested in the topic as an ex-teacher and now lecturer in Childhood and Youth Studies.

If any one is interested in talking to me there would be an email dialogue which included parental consent for any under 18s. The two interviews I have done so far have been at people’s houses with other family members present. I am in Manchester and will travel anywhere within the UK to interview people. I am happy to have an email dialogue with people living in other countries or for anyone going to Unicon this year I’m willing to meet with them there. Of course, any conversations anyone has with me as part of my research would be treated with anonymity - their name would be removed. This post is just the very beginning of that process.

[I]Below is a summary of my research so far::smiley:

Unicycling as a motivator of young people and
an influence on their self-identity and self-esteem;
implications for an alternative curriculum in schools

This ethnographic research project examines six case studies of young people who unicycle. Two case studies have been completed so far involving retrospective interviews, observations and focus groups. Ninety questionnaires have been completed by unicyclists to provide quantitative supporting data.

Data gathered so far suggests three significant findings. Firstly that young people who are successful at unicycling are motivated to learn, and then further develop their skill level, by the challenge and intense satisfaction felt, linked to clear goal setting and achievement. Secondly, being successful at unicycling has a positive impact on an individual’s self-identity and global self-esteem. Participants report an increase in their concentration levels generally and identify new social opportunities and relationships as key benefits of the sport. Thirdly, teachers are not harnessing the high levels of motivation created in individuals by unicycling, by valuing the individual’s skills or interests in school, either formally or informally.

The paper suggests that if, in this case unicycling, or other activities selected by pupils themselves, were incorporated into an alternative (informal) curriculum this could enhance motivation, and therefore achievement, in the formal curriculum. It argues that unicycling is a lifestyle sport, as defined by Wheaton (2004) and therefore that parallels can be drawn from the findings to other sports, particularly other lifestyle sports, and related youth activities.

The data is presented as narrative stories of the unicyclists in order to ensure authenticity and truth in the representation of the young people’s lived experiences. The stories take the form of creative non-fiction as defined by Sparkes (2002), in that they are structured around real events which the young riders were observed in.[/I]

This sounds like an interesting project but one from which it may be difficult to tease meaningful conclusions from the data. One thing about your post that bothers me a bit is:

My guess is that you mean quantitative data and not just quantitative supporting data. Otherwise it would seem not to be a study but rather a justification.

Good luck in the pursuit of your doctorate.

I’d guess, from what I understand of Wendy’s project, that she means that the quantitative survey data supports the ethnographical observations and/or theories that she is making (which I presume are either qualitative or a mix or qual / quant data from the interviews / observations etc. and probably don’t have strict statistical significance?).

Joe (from a lab chock full of ethnographers)

ps. that is such a physicist thing to say

Is one of us a physicist?

What you’re saying is that she already postulated a theory. She is in the process of collecting data to determine the validity of the theory. So far, the data seems to support the theory. Is that right?