can't remember the FAT 26" uni?

One or two years ago; I email/chat with someone in California about uni he rides on. I believe it was a 26" Muni with ENORMOUS fat tire, like 5" or 6" thick! Anyone know what uni this was?

Surly Conundrum, Nimbus Oregon, Flansberrium…A surly won’t fit a 5"

Could also have been something custom. Check out a few recent threads… something big this way comes.

Bryce managed to stuff a Big Fat Larry (4.8") in a Surly Conundrum. He had to modify the frame.

Real 5" tires are pretty new.

Would bet it was an Oregon or conundrum with a 4.0 and you were just awed by the size.

Or an Oregon with a bud/lou in it but I don’t see a ton of Oregon riders running 4.8’s.