cant move legs:/

when i jump i cant move my legs off the pedals,cant move the pedals and i cant think of another thing to say but please i need some help :thinking: :angry:

That’s common, I think every unicyclist has this exact problem, you jump, you can’t move your legs off the pedals, can’t move the pedals. If only there was an answer but there’s not.

i had that problemand still do some times…i think it all about confidence. see, you kno, subconciously, that if your feet come offf your pedals they may not make it back on thus an injury could occur. or if your feet move the pedals when in the air it just feels wierd…i think it just about practice.

I find the best thing to do is to do some normal static hops, then just hop a little way off the pedals and back on (only hop like an inch or less, just so your feet lose contact) then do that a bit and get used to how it feels. Also, try transferring from pedal hopping to crank hopping and back, that’ll get you used to shifting your feet around.