Can't Make NAUCC 2010? July 17-18, 2010 Unicycle Racing

Apologies if I’m offending anyone by starting a new thread on this. The Butler County Stage Race (in Butler, PA) is posted on the events page, but there haven’t been many replies yet and I need to get an idea of how many people to expect for the weekend.

I’m also interested in what people have to say about what would make a great event. I’ve got my ideas, but suggestions can be helpful. My list of ideas includes:

  1. Fun for everyone- the hardcore will be challenged, but those who aren’t will still have personal challenges to face. Also geared and ungeared unicycles will be accomodated.
  2. High quality- well marked courses and opportunities to socialize when not racing. We’re already planning a Saturday night dinner/party.
  3. Minimal cost- we’re going to keep the entry fee under $50 and look to have host families for those who want/need to save on accomodations. Host families will also give more opportunities for socializing. We’re working on blocks of motel rooms too.

As I’ve said before, we’re not looking to pull people from attending NAUCC '10. We went to NAUCC '09 and had a great time. Unfortunately for me this opportunity arose to put another event on at a slightly overlapping time. The plan is to make this race the same weekend annually.

I’m interested in opinions on what would be good. I’m most interested in the opinions of those who are seriously considering attending.

In the scheme of trying to keep costs low for now I’m skipping online registration services with service charges. Your word is good with me. If you have ideas or questions that would be generally good publicly, please reply here. If you have individual questions shoot a pm (checked a couple of times a week) or an email (davedotbikesatyahoodotcom- replace the dot and at).

As details get sorted out, I’ll keep things posted via our club’s blog (Butler Wobble). Right now we’re sorting the bicycle end of things since there will be a lot more of them and that will cover a bulk of the event’s expenses.

I’m am definitely planning on attending this event. It sounds like a great event.

As much as I would like to attend the NAUCC in Northern California, logistically and financially the Butler stage race is easier for my whole family to attend.

As for the event. Having unicyclists piggy-back off a larger cycling event is a great idea as it allows for a much higher quality event than would be possible if it were just a small group of unicyclists.

Given that this is the first year for the event and that it falls during the NAUCC my guess would be that unicyclist participation will be fairly small.

Having an option for riders to choose the # of laps based on their ability is a good way of making the event less intimidating for the less hardcore and to impose time limits for those taking longer than expected.

I look forward to the event.


A whole lot of updates have hit fast. The main blog contains most of the info. Something not on there: we’re looking to have around a $30 registration for all 3 races or a $5 registration for the “B-race” short crit only.

If you race anything, you will have to be a USA member. That cuts insurance costs.


Sounds like a fun event.

I just ordered my first 36"er today, the event is only about a 5 hour drive away, and the price is good, so I’m seriously considering going. I can’t commit at this point in time, but I should have a better idea of my schedule by mid-month next month. Currently, the odds of me going are probably around 50-60%. So for now, you can consider me as a definite maybe, if that helps any.

I do like the lap # option idea since I’m not sure what condition I’ll be in by then. Everything else sounds good too.

Do you have an idea as to when I’d need to register for the event and also become a USA member by?


Registration is informal at this point. Once we get within a month, we’ll need to firm things up.

As far as becoming a USA member, the sooner the better. It’s only $20 and well worth it anyways.

OK, thanks.

Im going to try and make it, but will have to be a game-time decision.

bump again.

We’re less than a month away! Links at the bottom have some updates.

So far we’ve got around a dozen 36 or Schlumpf riders who are looking to do the 3 races in 2 days. Numbers have fluctuated a bit since commitment levels from riders have been changing.

I’m meeting with the main organizer this week to sort out some details. If you’re a lurker and you plan on coming I’d really like to know. Logistically, running a unicycle race parallel to a biking event is a bit of a nightmare. The closer I am to the actual number of participants, the better I can plan for everything from host families to prizes and scoring. We want to make this the best event possible.

If you plan on attending and haven’t done so yet, please shoot me an email so that I can get you on the list to send you updates and forms.



If you’re NOT going to U Games, and you live within a day’s drive of Pittsburgh, PA (and own a 36er or Schlumpf) please consider this event and head this way. After sitting through some of the event planning meetings you have no idea what an opportunity this is to further the sport of big wheel uni racing. We have the opportunity to bridge out to the non-uni cycling community.

If you’d rather have people keep up the “Lost a wheel” jokes and continue humming circus music then ignore this.