Can't load video

Ahhh, i’ve been trying to upload this video into an attatchment so i can post it, but it’s taking forever! I mean i’ve been sitting her for an hour, and it still hasnt loaded. I’ve tried a few times, too. It’s in quicktime format, dunno if that matters. Is there any other way to attatch it, without changing the video format?

There is a size limit on attachments in the forum of 1 MB. And a limited number of extensions it will accept. If the video clip is small enough you can ZIP it and add it as an attachment.

Otherwise, upload it to the gallery here or to YouTube and link to it.

you’re trying to upload it to the gallery? try someplace else. is reliable.
If you want a few other recommendations I can give you some.

How long should it take to upload to the gallery? Because I really don’t think it’s working… even though I checked and the file’s only about 50 megabytes.

never mind. i got it on youtube :smiley:

can we see?