can't go backwards without holding handle

I’m just learning riding backwards right now, I can go back like 10-20 revs almost 100% of the time. The way i’ve been learnin is just going forward, then leaning back and having the wheel come out in front of me, then starting backwards, instead of holding onto a rail or something. However, If I try this without holding the handle, I fail miserably and can go back maybe 1 rev if that. I’m actually not just holding the handle , I’m pulling up on it.

I’m wondering if I should just continue learning the way I am, by pulling up on the handle, or should I try learning by not holding onto the handle. Im thinking that when I can go backwards almost indefinitely by pulling up on the handle, i’ll slowly learn to ride not holding the handle. But, I’m not too sure…

so should I try without holding it or just continue the way I am doing it now?

I dont think your doing yourself any harm by holding the handle. I say do what works for you.

just practise lots and you can kick the habbit

Don’t worry about the handle. Once you get backwards to where it’s no longer “mysterious” you’ll be able to do it with no hands!