Cant Get KH20 from Norco!!!!

I am so mad!!!.. I heard that norco dealerships sell KH 20s, or they can order them in. So I phoned a local norco dealership and they phoned norco headquarters or something and they said that they cant!!! I dont know the finer details of what he said cause when i called him, he said he would check it out for me and call me back, but i was at school when he called so my mom answered it and she didnt really remember exactly!!! So now i have to order it from, which is all US prices, and i’m in canada!! Does anyone know any other options?

Have you checked if Bedford Unicycles ( has the KH20?

The web stuff is out of date but I would suggest e-mail, he responds fairly quickly.

There’s a Norco dealer around the corner from me and he can get any Norco product, except KH uni’s, so it’s not just your local dealers fault.


But then why does it say at “Kris Holm products are sold at Norco dealerships”???

I had a few people recomend Darren Bedford when I was looking (Thanks Erin and Mike!) and I can’t say enough good things about him. Give him a call or e-mail for sure…

also the RONA hardware stores sell kh20s,
but only the version without splined cranks.

aparently norco are weird about who sells them. they dont make the splined version and the non splined version available to the same people. who this is supposed to benifit is beyond me.

glopal, do go to Darren Bedford, he’ll most likely have it or be able to get it . Like James said he does respond to e-mails very quickly and or a call wouldn’t hurt.

Yes, I have KH unicycles in stock.

I also have:
KH seats, KH hub/crank sets, KH armour, etc.

I have aluminum alloy rail posts and rail adapters for the KH unicycles as well.
Upgrade yours with the above for added comfort.

He did send me a e-mail.

Thanks for all the recommendations !!!


Hey, could someone explain the extra add ons you can get with a KH20, like
a aluminum alloy rail post and rail adapter
a KH splined hub/crank set
a Profile hub/crank set

Are any of those really important, i do alot of hopping, nothing too high but i am a pretty big teen (165lbs)