cant find dx on udc

HI ive bean gone a wile to the point i have the money for the dx:D but i cant find it on udc :frowning: :thinking: so can some one help me know why

It’s in the Trials unicycle section.


You didn’t specify a 24 foot 11 inch unicycle in your initial post :stuck_out_tongue: . I didn’t see the 24 on UDC either. Have you called or e-mailed them?

You might see if your local dealer can order one.

I believe it used to be under intermediate rough terrain unicycles, it is no longer listed so they may be waiting on new stock.

Go to ebay it’s like 20$ cheaper

I’m going to agree with Mr. Bcguyhaha, ebay is the way to go.

Look here. $255 including shipping, that’s the same guy I got mine from.

Go on ebay or dont get a DX and buy from Bedford!..

i dont know wear to buy bedford because they dont sell yhem on ther web site or do they…:wink: and my dad wont let me buy off ebay :angry:

Tell him to buy it off ebay then. He ought to be watching you while your on the internet anyway.

EBay or ?

Yes, you probably can buy your uni a little cheaper on EBay.

I just bought a Torker Unistar LX 24". It’s my first unicycle. I found it for $13 less on EBay after shipping. I still bought it from though.

The more I looked around the WWW for unicycle stuff, the more I realized that they are the only retailer dedicated to unicycle sales. What happens when you need parts to fix your uni or you want to upgrade? Will the guy from EBay be there for you?

To me it’s worth a couple of bucks to support the only retailer in the world that is so dedicated to the sport of unicycling.

Otherwise I’m a fan of EBay. I’ve gotten some real bargains there.

simple dont get a dx and buy from bedford anyway.

Uh…I can’t find any Torkers in the price list…I’m probably just blind or something already…

Found something.