Cant decide what to buy

A MUni or trials cycle. Is there some kind of inbetween I can get? From what I read, muni on a 20 inch is a bear, can you pull off some small trials on a 24?


just get a trials. Don’t make me use my jedi mind powers to make you buy a trials uni.

depends what you think you’ll be doing most…but if you think you’ll be doing about the same amount of each, get a 24" MUni.

Is it decently fun and easy to ride skinnys asnd other trials stuff on a 24"?


I’ve never done it, but Josh somethin who posts here as unibrow does Street/Trials on a 24" MUni, and he’s really really good. he can do a crankflip, and a 360 unispin, and that stuff…yeah. so, they might take more practice maybe, but they can be just as successful.

My brother, MUniMac, does all his trials on a KH24. We competed in O.U.I. where my brother took second place long jump, 60 inches
,first place high jump, 60 Cm’s, and first place in trials, 23/33, at the Sport level. I guess you can do some good trials on a 24".

Also Kris Holm, for a long time, I’m not sure if he still does, did trials on a 24" and I saw some video’s where he was doing trial type stuff on a 26"!

I ride a KH20 05 but can jump on my brothers KH24 just as well as my 20". The only thing I find more difficult on a 24" is to ride skinnies because of the longer cranks.

24" is the best size if you’re doing any offroading at all
especially if you’re not too serious about trials
i use my KH24 '05 for everything
it rocks!!

That would be Justin Kozy…

Doesn’t he mean justin?? As in Justin Kohse? Just wondering.

It probably doesn’t matter which one you get because you’ll almost certainly end up getting another one anyway.

I do trials on my MUni. I’m not that good, but as far as I can tell the only problem with my MUni is it’s heavier than a trials. I like it for street though, it’s cool.

yeah, right after I posted that I remembered it was Justin not Josh…I think I got it mixed up because I was talking to a Josh on MSN at the moment q-:

that’s true, so the real question is, which one can you live without longer? (;

I think im going to get the KH24 05.

Is it normal to want a sceond unicycle after a month of riding?

I managed to find a ton of money in all my hiding spots as a grew up. I have like 475 now, hehe. Hoping to win $150 in a logo competition, my main source of income. Ooo yah, parents are having a graduation (8th grade) party for me so that will get me some money. Lots of family coming. I’ll have my new uni in no time.


Sounds about right.
I’ve got 3 after riding since January.
And I still haven’t got anything for distance riding.

yea, after this next one i dont see me getting another till after the summer. Is it easy to hop on munis rather than an LX?


trials, thats what im getting next

what do you have now?


I have a torker LX 24" but I am thinking about getting a Qu-Ax gotta save up though

lol, you just posted in like my last week of threads. :slight_smile: Now I have to read them