Canon Powershot SX20 IS HD Video Test (include unicycling)

Hey All!!!
I got new camera on last week end and I wanted to test how it works in youtube. I think that quality went a bit worse when I put clips together with Movie Maker and it sounds that voices would come before motion. I don’t understand why. But thanks for watching, there are some poor wheel walking training also. And remember to watch in HD :slight_smile:

Cool, that wheel walking wasn’t poor I want to learn wheel walking. Nice dog, why does he/she shaven on the back part of it?

Thank you! She is portuguese water dog and she should be trimmed like that if we wanted to bring she to dog show. Althought she is almost 9 years, she ever hasn’t been in dog show. I think that she looks more cool like that:D

great video, lovely quality :slight_smile:
i would try transition into normal riding from wheelwalking again, then the possibilities become more for you to try things! :smiley:

Thank you:D I’m not sure if I understood correctly. Did you mean that I should learn transition into normal riding from wheel walking? If you meant that, watch more closely, I can do it already xD … but maybe I understood wrongly:( Sorry for my bad English:o