Cannot deflate a tire. Need help

I was inflating a tire in a hookless rim to make a tubeless setup. I used a tire insert to have the tire seat properly saving time. Than my idea was to release air, remove one side of the tire from the rim, remove the insert, add the sealant and pump it up again… well the tire insert pushed by the pressure stuck to the valve preventing air to get out.
I removed valve core and tried pushing the insert via the valve but I am a bit scared about damaging the carbon rim… what can I do? Maybe just push all the valve structure using some tool to avoid a peak while pressing the valve?

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Push and pinch the tire near the valve from the outside ?

Can you take the nut off the valve stem and push the valve stem into the wheel to push the insert back? This is maybe what you are saying above.

If you have the valve core out of the stem, once you have the nut off the stem, try pushing it in with the point of a No-2 Phillips screwdriver in the hole – any air which wants to come out the hole will get past that.

Thank you I use the screwdriver and solved!