cannock chase

has anyone ridden the cannock chase mtb downhill track

planning on doing decent muni ride

Lots of good riding around Cannock Chase, on and off the official routes. A group of us did Follow the Dog last year, and I went back and did it on my own a week or two later. Excellent riding territory, with some serious hills, and some easy woodland trails too.

im going to go to cannock chase somewhere between 28th may and 7th june if any one interested in going
mike when you say some serious hills is that riding up or down or both ?

The downhill tracks are okay, although quite short (kind of inevitable given the area doesn’t have any long hills). I don’t know if that alone is worth travelling for, we’ve only played there after rides on the loops. You have to be a bit careful if bikes are riding the tracks also, as they go jolly fast down the steeper ones.

There are two signposted mountain bike loops - follow the dog, which is pretty fun in a very fast, not incredibly technical way, although it does have a few tricky sections which are good fun (and some steep climbs which are nice), and a new one called the monkey trail or something, which is supposed to be pretty good and significantly more technical than Follow the Dog - I haven’t ridden it yet though.


A friend of mine once said of Cannock Chase:

“Oooh, Cannock Chase, dangerous place. Very dangerous place, lots of rapes and muggings, or at least there were when I used to live near there.”

Took him several seconds to understand our laughter. :slight_smile:

lol i iwill make sure stick to daylight riding ,i remeber looking up lickey hills on wikipedia somemone had put nice place watch out for the doggers