cankles hurting

:thinking: i got a unicycle like three days ago and i tried to hop a three stairs and then i didnt lie a 1 foot drop off and it just always kills my ankles and they like give out what am i doing wrong and how can i do it right :thinking:

hows oregon

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Your new to it.

Your ankles will get stronger as you ride more, you’ll get used to the different positions that you will put them in, you’ll learn to bend and absorb the shock with your legs and doing roll-outs instead of landing straight, with locked joints. Its all just takes time and practice.

Also, I suggest dynamic stretching to get you ready for dynamic movements, like unicycling. Don’t do none of that slow stuff, the stretching that they make you do in school, how its all slow, those are for your cooling off period, when your done, and to help healing injuries. But you want dynamic for the beginning of an activity, and the other kind for the cool-down.

Learn to stretch properly here!

Good luck with your riding!

I think you’re trying to do drops with the balls of your feet on the pedals. The impact in this position tends to hyper extend (compress) the ankle. Try doing drops with your arches on the pedals instead.

thanksjerrick and harper -------------- justin u can shut up u dont even have a unicycle :astonished: oww

I do pretty much everything with the balls of my feet on the pedals. But the above is still true. If you don’t take your time and work your way up to things, there is risk of injury both because your ankles aren’t used to it, and because you aren’t experienced at doing it, which can lead to “worse” ankle positions. So I recommend you follow Harper’s advice for now, then use your judgement after you’re comfortable doing all that stuff.