Canine obedience class

You gotta learn how to say the Word.*

I was playing in the Capitol Metro bus depot - a giant mostly-empty parking
lot - and a bored security dude came out to stop me and yelled “Hey!”

So I raised my hand to him - waving, right? :wink: - and said, “HEY.”

So he stopped and watched and told me I was cool and went back inside.

Everybody has a plan until I hit him.
–Mike Tyson

  • Actually, the word I generally use is OUT. But once you can say the Word,
    you can use the same Voice for other, lesser, words.

The unicyclist’s Jedi mind trick… :slight_smile:

This is not the spare wheel you are looking for…


This is not the spare wheel I am looking for

We are not looking for wheels, we are looking for something else…